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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Jackl1991, Feb 6, 2012.

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  1. Hey

    I start my basic training at ITC Catterick in April and will hopefully join The Rifles.

    I am wondering if anyone in The Rifles could give me an idea what they are like.

    I have no preference for a battalion at this time and I do apolagize if this thread has been done to death already!

  2. You have your spot at ITC catterick but you want to go rifles is that what your trying to say?

    What are your job choices and have you passed ADSC?
  3. Prepare to get beasted! 1 stop! 2 stop! 3 stop! 'tion!!!!
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  4. What are you on about?

    He's starting the CIC at ITC(C) in April and will be joining the Rifles as long as he passes the CIC, he would like to know what the Rifles are like, I assume he means what life is like in the different Bns. I suggest you read threads before posting a reply.
  5. good choice mate - great regiment with plenty of experience, no bullshit, they just get on with the job and do things a little bit different to the rest of the Red Coats.

    Swift and Bold
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  6. I misread, apologies.
  7. 1RIFLES - good if you are fit and want to do your Commando Course.
    2RIFLES - hate being in Northern Ireland but they are a proper slack jacket Green Jacket battalion, very experienced.
    3RIFLES - most bullshitty if any being ex-LI and ok if you are Jockanese or Geordie.
    4RIFLES - great location and being a FIST battalion they get all the gucci kit, very experienced.
    5RIFLES - make the most of Germany as an armoured farmer, but they might be the first battalion to go when Germany draws down.
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  8. Top man, thanks alot.
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  9. Sounds good, cheers!
  10. 'Everything that is necessary, nothing that is not'
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  11. Don't have a drama with the 'experience' bit above....but can you expand on this ' things a bit different..' thing, I've seen this mentioned loads of times when referring to the RGJ, LI, Rifles but never had it explained?

    ...please don't quote the 'everything that is necessary' line I'd prefer examples of how they do things differently.
  12. I've been on courses and have worked with guys from the RGJ, LI and Rifles and they seem to be much more laid back than many regiments, the RGJ guys were big on not ironing their kit.
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  13. Have a read of this....
  14. isn't that why God invented the Tumble Dryer? for Riflemen?

    we deliberately like to shy away from all the parade square shouting and any form of bullsh|t. happy to do what we do best and get down and dirty in the field on exercise or ops.

    there are already some fine regiments out there who can do bullsh|t, and they are very good at it - aswell as being decent squaddies too - so we refer to them as Red Coats and just let them crack on with it.

    we don't put bells and whistles on things but we like to do what matters most to a high standard.

    we are not very good when it comes to uniform and anything shiny - we even wear black buttons.

    MTP PCS CU is a gift for Riflemen - you don't need to iron it and you wear desert boots so you don't even have to polish them!

    we even march differently - we don't shout and we don't have that ridiculous word 'Shun!' in our vocabulary.

    Swift and Bold
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  15. I should imagine anyone reading that would say their own Regt did the same to some degree...guess it comes down to your own perception / image.