The Rifles

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cupoftea, Jun 28, 2009.

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  1. Have the constituent regiments of the The Rifles retained their original flavour, strengths, mores and - dare I say - foibles like a LI salad, or has The Rifles become a sort of LI stew?
  2. The Borg assimilates all
  3. Resistance Is Futile.
  4. More like a trifle. 'The Trifles'.
  5. This is no place for informed comment; be off with you, parachutist chappie.
  6. <<blinks in mild astonishment, legs it sharpish>>
  7. What is an LI salad
  8. Arfer real one.
  9. I thought that! Reckon somebody's nicked Fally's login. ;)
  10. 'alf of this and 'alf of that! :lol:
  11. Light Infantry salad - in salad all the different ingredients are largely not messed with and keep their own flavours, instead of being blended or all mashed up together. Unlike stew, where everything you stick in into it tends to all end up tasting the same (not that stews are necessarily bad, mind).

    Sorry if the analogy was unclear.
  12. cheers, thought I should have known after yrs 'married' to the LI,
  13. Best taken covered in oil, with a fork...
  14. 7 Rifles

    Our former reg Royal Rifle Volunteers, basically 4 RGJ combined with the RGBW elements of the Rifle Volunteers and the Royal Rifle Volunteers minus the PWRR elements, retaining the RGJ elements of the RRV.

    Funny little regiment we was, when someone asked what I was I didn't know whether to say RGBW or RRV... I would say RRV :)

    Basically a multi-capbadged regiment, the Infantry component of the 145 brigade.