The Rifles or The Marines?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Liams908, May 8, 2011.

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  1. Hi all.

    I am curerently debating weather to join the army and go to harrogate and train with the rifles or to join the marines.
    I know the recruitment cycle for joining harrogate but not to sure on the marines as it isnt part of the army and it may be different.

    I was just wondering what the best option for me would be, im in year 10.. 5,4 and resonably fit and i have a year until my training would comence (September 2012).

    Ive tryed speaking to my dad about it ( Ex CSM RGJ) And he said it was my decision (Seeing as he is ex CSM me and him have never had the closest relationship) But i would prefer to follow his footsteps hence "The Rifles" But i dont really know what he would suggest for me as we rarely talk..

    I would appreciate any advice or help given.

    Cheers Liam
  2. Do you think you have the talent required to come up with a pantomime horse costume from apparently nowhere 80% of the way into a 6 month stretch at sea?
  3. I dont understand?
  4. What do you more would you want out of your career?

    There are plenty of trades in the Infantry (info can be found on the Army website) and Rifles would give you the opportunity to be light role, armored, mechanised or to complete the All Arms Commando Course and work with 3 Commando Brigade.

    Your best best would be to look at the Army website and see which infantry jobs appeal to you then check the navy/RM site and see what trades the RM offer and then weigh up the pros and cons for each choice.
  5. That's why you should go to the nearest ACIO.
  6. Rifles mate. I freely admit to being biased being an ex Green Jacket.
  7. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Marines, unless of course you want to walk around thinking your in the SAS Like most the Rifles seem to do.
  8. Liam,

    Get online fella and do some research then pop down to your friendly Recruiters Office and get yourself on a Rifles Look at Life Course. You willl be given the op to spend 5 days at the Armys expense to see what what. Make your mind up then about the Rifles. I have no idea if the RM have the same thing.

    Good luck and remember its your life so make your own decision on what your comfortable with.
  9. I know exactly what i would like to do within the Rifles( Light role) And was thinking of Joining 1Rifles due to the commando affiliation. But i hear not all of the battalion are trained. I would very much like to join rifles as its kindoff a family thing with dad in RGJ and his father and his father etc. But i was wondering if the commandos get a sharper end of the sword with the mlitary experience. And specilaist jobs would be more available with a commando. Im planning to start my application in september as soon as i turn 16 But with who?

  10. Why not join the Royal Corps of Bleeps..... a great mob, that's what I did when I left school. As an ex-Bleep..... I still have dreams to greater glory........
  11. sssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  12. As above, do some research into both...seeing your year 10 at present ask your school to get in touch with ACA schools and see if you can get on a weeks Insight course as part of your work experience. Also when you get into year 11 in September go and speak to your ACIO...or even better if its an AFCO you will more then likely have RN there aswell. By the end of the day we all have our banter between the forces but joining either RM or the Army will be good............look through the many forumns in Recruiting and Infantry on here and many of the questions will be answered for you but have a chat with online Recruiter or find out from school if any Recruiters are due to visit your school.

    Remember one thing though keep your options open and also look at what else you want to do just incase you cant get into the forces.
  13. How good are you with the
    Manual of Arms with the Mk 1 Mod 1 Roll Mat and are you the least bit squeamish at close combat drills au naturale? Add to those what is your proficiency with sawn off 12 bores carried in your cargo pockets?

    Therein you will find the answers to your quest.
  14. To be honest mate i think your still young and you should pursue a carea out side the military to fall back on. im serving with 2 rifles and was 1rgj. i think were pretty simular as we took over the marines in 2009 summer and conducted a lot and built up a fantastic report and reputation across the world. if you like running and looking like ken and barbie go marines. if you like soldiering come here to us.

    ps keep clear of ballykinler its depressing
  15. Hey man what is battalion life actualy like in the rifles are is the carrer progresion quite rapid or is it a slow long drag?