The Rifles or PWRR?

The Rifles offer five regular and two territorial battalions.

Jobs range from 1 Rifles - attached to 3 CDO Bde, to armoured infantry (= Warrior) Light role ( Bulldog) and of course, light role ( get it on your back).

Its the largest Regiment in the Infantry and for the opportunity to cross post within the Regiment to different jobs, pretty much unrivalled.

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If you have been accepted for PWRR you may not have the optiion to change, it will depend if the Rifles have any places left unfilled at Harrogate. Also if you move it will mean PWRR are now one down. When you get your formal job offer letter it will say PWRR and by signing this you agree to go to that cap badge. You may have the chance to change at Harrogate but there is no guarantee.
Both good (in my experience). PWRR has two battalions, one (currently) armoured (Warrior) and the other light role. I can't remember where the armoured battalion is based (Germany moving back to UK in the next couple of years maybe). The light role Bn (I believe) rotates between London and Cyprus. RIFLES has five Bns with at least one in every infantry role including commando but excluding air assault. Currently (as I recall) there are RIFLES Bns in UK and Germany, with those in Germany due to return to UK in the next few years.

So really it depends on what role you want to go into and where you want to do it. Research and consider the exact locations of the different Bns and where you might want to serve/live. Also ask what the likelihood of going to your battalion of choice is. Remember, you will probably stay at the same battalion for several years.
Rifles is an obvious choice they treat you a lot more like men. We share exercises with the queens and kings div and its always humorous to sit on our daysacks and sit back and watch their mess tins get thrown into thorn bushes for no reason.

We march faster so you won't get as cold cutting about the camp either ;)

Jokes aside it's up to you what you want to do but I seriously suggest Rifles. With 7 battalions it is the largest regiment in the army therefore offering job security and diversity. Don't bother about 1 rifles being part of commando because it makes **** all difference, you only get a place on the course if the marines can't fill it and it means you'll be spending the time getting a dagger instead of applying to get on a junior NCO carder. The dagger is nice but it doesn't get you more money or rank afaik. Also 1 rifles barracks is a shit hole.
As I understand it 1 Rifles are probably going to lose their spot in 3 Cdo Brigade (according to a Major and Colour Sergeant from the regiment) so I wouldn't let the fact that you might get a dagger shadow your thinking too much.

Still supposed to be a top regiment though.
Think about the future. Which cap badge is most like to be amalgamated with others? Not the Rifles, that's for sure. They have a stronger brand than most Infantry units and their officers and seniors, in my experience, are more relaxed (not slack though). Having said that I have met excellent soldiers and officers in both.

This fact may may help you decide. I knew of a PWRR Cpl who had a hole made through his c0ck. It ran from the banjo string and out through his "Jap's Eye". His party trick was to place a four inch nail through his c0ck and bang it into the table with a claw hammer. Some members of his Battalion were so impressed that they replicated the procedure on themselves and apparantly were able to perform the activity in a synchronised fashion; often to the delight of a small crowd. I don't know if you're into securing your genitals to furniture by means of DIY equipment, but if you are, the PWRR may be for you. I know which cap badge I'd choose if I was starting again. Gook luck.
Join a decent regiment, and one with some history: The PWRR.

Don't be fooled by the daft talk above of light infantry drill - it is utterly stupid, looks ridiculous and is not in any way whatsoever a manifestation of anything vaguely military.

Bear in mind that, as a red-arrsed crow, you will go to the battalion that the Manning folk need filled - choice?; yeh, bollocks - and you will stay there pretty much for your whole time unless you do a Depot tour or are hoofed out for being a knob and hidden in another battalion. May be as a WO2 you may get to switch.

Seriously: Where do you come from? Do you want to share a bedspace or trench with some dreadfully incomprehensible northerner with little or no table manners, or some pasty crunching in-bred from the West Country? Opt for a Regiment where you'll feel at home.
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