the rifles chosen man course

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by tankscrow, May 12, 2013.

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  1. has anyone been on the chosen mans course. Could anyone shed some light on what its actually like. thanks.
  2. You need to be pretty Sharpe !!
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  3. Day 1 - Sharpes Rifles
    Day 2 - Sharpe's Eagle
    Day 3 - Sharpe's Company
    Day 4 - Sharpe's Enemy
    Day 5 - Sharpe's Honour

    You get the idea........
  4. is it as strict as the adsc?

    Does it have any significance to my application?
  5. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    Just out of interest, why are you looking at the Chosen Man course if you are going for CMT?

    As for the course, it is a familiarisation visit to the RIFLES. It goes along the lines of an insight course so there will be plenty of PT, introduction to equipment, a night in a harbour area, a bit of history of the RIFLES, icebreaker chats, a visit to Catterick and more phys. They will write a brief report on you at the end of the course. It is an insight, they cannot fail you of defer your application although they will probably tell you they can while you are there.

  6. i recently reapplied and want to join the rifles, one last question does anyone know if you can just book a place on one when im on holiday in england for a month and do they pay for your train ticket?
  7. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    You will be loaded to one by NRC, but you can tell your CSMthat you want to go on one. Not sure about the train ticket. If they are classing the event as a GAIC (General Army Insight Course) then YOU will have to pay your own way. We have not been told if it is a GAIC or not though. This question has been raised with the RIFLES and NRC but no answer as yet.
  8. Ok thanks, I've sent an email to the rifles but ill ring up the careers office tomorrow and try and find out
  9. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

  10. My favourite game was drink along with Sharpe. Anytime he said bloody bastard or bugger you had to do a shot, by the end of Sharpe's rifles I was on my way to a&e.

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  11. Quick google search gives you the official website

    Check Us Out - British Army Website

    It says "all expenses paid" so whilst it doesn't explicitly say free train ticket, unless they think all new entrants into the Rifles happen to live in Bicester, I'd guess so...
  12. I personally think the Rifles are one of the better infantry units in the UK, really impressed by them and there no nonsense attitude. Some really hoofing blokes in the Sgts mess,
  13. I did a Para insight course whilst on a holiday in England. The train ticket was paid for. But they needed an address to send mail too and the train ticket to. I had relatives I was staying with so had it sent to their address.
    Itd pay to ring up in advance to find out when exactly courses are and to let them know your situation.
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  14. Sounds great. No ceremonials, no cleaning, no menial tasks, as much adv trg and green stuff as you want, no saluting officers, no locker inspections and slack as **** AND everyone chips in to get the job done...

    Wow, a veritable pic n mix of what would appear to be all the best bits of the army. Are you sure you weren't in the RAF Regt?

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