The rifles, choose battalion?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ashleydodds, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. Do you get to chose what battalion you want to join within any regiment, in my case the rifles?
  2. You get to choose a 'preffered' Battalion but the final say goes with the Army.
  3. Just don't bother with the 4th.
  4. You put in a PPP in week 14 in ITC with three choices for your firse posting within the regiment they wont post you near home - its the way the Div Capt in ITC wants it as then people get used to going home and bin it when going away on tour, hope this clarifies things for you,


    Swift and Bold!
  5. How near is too near to your hometown?
  6. Usually the one nearest your home, the one which will take you the least amount of time to drive to after knocking off on a friday.

    As in, rfn atkins why do you want to be posted to such and such? Because I live 20 minutes away sir, will fcuk off home very night and not bother my arrse bonding with the lads and if a tour comes up try and body swerve it onto rear party and pyss it up with my civvie mates for 6 months then sign off when everyone gets back and gives me sh1t for being a war dodger.
  7. That has got to be the biggest load of hoop I've ever seen. Whilst some may do that, I think there are a plethora of other reasons for lads to sign off, other than 'getting used to going home at the weekends'.
  8. More than you would think choc frog, I saw quite a contrast when I was posted from the UK to Germany.
  9. If you live within 70 miles of the batallion then you won't get it.
  10. What if you really want to go into a certain role like Commando or Armoured? I'd like to have 1 and 4 Rifles as my preferences but they are both under 70 miles away. I know at the end of the day its not up to me but there must be some give???
  11. I'm putting my preferences down next week and that's what I've been told. However you can transfer brb every two years if you wish and if there is room in your chosen btn.
  12. Cheers. Hopefully you get what you want mate :soldier: :soldier:
  13. Well for being the biggest load of hoop you have ever seen thats what i was told to brief crow on,from the Div Capt thats the excuse they gave me thats what i as a Pl Sjt told my crow-throbber.
  14. I have heard 4 Rifles are switching to light role, is this for good or just for afghan?
  15. So you choose to join a regiment on the basis it's your 'local' regiment, and is probably sold to you on that point, and then they won't post you there because, wait for it, you live too close....

    To quote the official blurb:

    "All recruits undergoing training at ITC (C) will be given the opportunity to opt to join one of the 5 battalions; however, they will be assigned to meet the needs of the battalion established strength, the OCP and fluctuations on the manning states of each individual unit."

    So if 3 Rifles need 20 bods, and there's 20 bods on your CIC, then guess where you are all going.