The Rifles (Best Battalion)

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Hobo-Ken, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. 7 obviously.
  2. and what difference does it make to a Grenadier recruit anyway??
  3. 95th Rifles everyone knows that.
  4. This bunch of course.
  5. Yeah but, it seems they've only got one decent officer, the rest are a bunch of pompous dickheads, some of there NCO's can be right knobs as well.
  6. Mr sharpe would be most displeased with you.
  7. Hey cunthole, haven't you got some boots to bull?

    Have you been filled in by the other recruits yet for being an endless twat?

    Is there a blank file all around you on the drill square you fucking leper?
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  8. Having checked that this thread is indeed in the NAAFI;

    Fuck off, you fucking, throbbing, wristing wanker of a facsimile of a real soldier.

    Actually, I hope you are a real Soldier, because that way, there is the faint hope that your instructor will ID you and beast you until there is nothing left but a damp sweat stain on the Sand Hill. Which he will then, hopefully, piss all over.
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  9. Actually I always found the Yorkshire regiment a decent bunch of blokes.

    So they're the best. I've decided.
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  10. Ok Dinger, endex, that's all folks!
  11. In that case I amy try joining them......oops, I already did, silly me!
  12. Dont care about TA battalions? I do hope you get filled in by a reservist if youre ever on tour with one.
  13. Don't you have to amalgamate with a load of Kingos?