The Rifles (Best Battalion)

95th Rifles everyone knows that.


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Which is the best Rifles Battalion?

Best facilities, chilled officers, banter ect...

1 2 3 4 5 ... 6 7 don't care about TA
Hey cunthole, haven't you got some boots to bull?

Have you been filled in by the other recruits yet for being an endless twat?

Is there a blank file all around you on the drill square you fucking leper?
Having checked that this thread is indeed in the NAAFI;

Fuck off, you fucking, throbbing, wristing wanker of a facsimile of a real soldier.

Actually, I hope you are a real Soldier, because that way, there is the faint hope that your instructor will ID you and beast you until there is nothing left but a damp sweat stain on the Sand Hill. Which he will then, hopefully, piss all over.
Actually I always found the Yorkshire regiment a decent bunch of blokes.

So they're the best. I've decided.
Ok Dinger, endex, that's all folks!

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