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THE RIFLES (again)

Just recived our new rifles rank slides, capbadge, Etc i bet the Green Jackets are gutted lol I just wish'd we had been issued the new mess dress aswell.


Only a couple of days slagging off left till amalgamation day then it'll be those cnuts in the 5th, they're worse than those farmers in the 1st!
Ave IT!
GwaiLo said:
Well if your mum won't let you use spray paint you can use the humbrol stuff that you use for your airfix model tanks. ;-)
That's ok i will get some off your mum next time im round that's if she's not sniffed it all with YOUR model glue
Sorry to hear about your dad.
Ex Career Guardsman, went spare when I announce I had joined the mafia and refused to speak to me for all the time I was at Penisula Barracks. Came around for my passing out parade. Top bloke, miss him

I thought your mum was younger lol
She was once.

Anyway, in my day Riflemen would have shagged an 85 year old to win the grab a granny stakes. Of course 1 LI sunk lower than that..

1 LI Porn

be a devil and put up some red backing!
Still don't quite see why that was a problem. KRRC had it. Still, all decided now.

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