THE RIFLES (again)

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by gizmodnd, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. Just recived our new rifles rank slides, capbadge, Etc i bet the Green Jackets are gutted lol I just wish'd we had been issued the new mess dress aswell.
  2. Sorry having probs uploading the picture, Bear with me
  3. Not gutted at all.

    Swift and Bold...
  4. You GINGER TOOL!!! How the f*** can I be expected to recover if I've got to look at your posts!!! LOL

    Alright Mucker?

  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Only a couple of days slagging off left till amalgamation day then it'll be those cnuts in the 5th, they're worse than those farmers in the 1st!
    Ave IT!
  6. Technology not a strong point with the 1st, then? Missing your tractor? :blowkiss:
  7. Riflemen, swords...
  8. This has to be a WAH.
  9. Welcome one and all to the 140 a Minute Club,try and keep up Fella's :smile:
  10. Tomo, you're supposed to be injured. Stop harrassing ginger dwarves and go back to bed!
  11. As ive said before my capbadge is getting sprayed black lol,
    And yes im a Mong with PC's ( that's computers, not ruperts)
  12. Well if your mum won't let you use spray paint you can use the humbrol stuff that you use for your airfix model tanks. ;-)
  13. Tomo now you stay away from that bed, you know how dangerous it can be
  14. That's ok i will get some off your mum next time im round that's if she's not sniffed it all with YOUR model glue
  15. :thumright:

    But Serjeants....

    She's 85 this year, and dad popped his clogs a few months ago so no doubt she'll be glad to see you.