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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by GLIDER, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. Hello gents, quite a serious and relevant post from me for once.

    I'm currently studying for my DITT course and have been given my 30 minute EDIP lesson subject 'Fitting and removal of the rifle sling'. I know how to fit the sling and operate each of its various components. I do not however, know the correct terminology of each part, or the correct wording to use when giving the lesson. I've just finished the first weekend of the course and the second part is next weekend

    I don't want to copy a previous lesson plan from someone else, but viewing one will certainly help me construct my lesson to acheive a highly competant marking. I've searched the Defence Learning Portal, Armynet, and up to page 5 of a Google search and have come up with a blank. So can anyone inform me of where I could possibly find the lesson plan, or in which pamphlet the entire lesson will be in, or websites with relevant pictures, diagrams. As I'm only TA, I would rather have a head start on prepping my lesson and knowing exactly what I need and where to find it, instead of just going to my TAC on Tuesday and quizzing the SAA trainers, if any of them will be in.

    I won't have access to any form of military intranet site, so just normal internet sites or the pamphlet I need will be very much appreciated. Also, any tips from anyone will be a big bonus.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Pam 5 has all the information you need.
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  3. Thank you very much, I shall ask for that when I get in on Tuesday
  4. Go into your TAC early next week, and take the photos yourself, step by step, of a sling being fitted to a rifle. That way you can have it on an OHP with black/white blank slides in between each "Figure" so that theres no distraction to the class.

    Explain the sling and the basics of fitting it,

    Demonstrate it yourself, performing each stage on the rifle with the class watching, and the blank slide on the OHP. After each stage bring the large photo up to add clarity to each stage.

    Imitation is just a repeat of the demo, with the class joining in, again using the large colour plates for clarity.

    Practice, self explanatory.

    There is no need to go completely overboard with the jargon associated with Rifle Pams and things on the defence learning portal. As long as you know how to apply a sling, are confident with it, and have a few pretty pictures to seal it in the mind, there won't be a problem.

    Edited to add: What Brigade are you? When I did my DIT's course we wern't allowed to do anything that would require a course to teach, such as SAA or MAPRIC, for the reasons detailed above, we got lessons such as sewing on a button, so that we had something simple that the techniques could be applied to, rather than having to learn a rifle lesson.
  5. A very good way of teaching the lesson, however think from the crow's point of view. If you teach him/her using an OHP/Power Point yet don't actually show him/her how to do it with the Rifle and Sling then how are they going to imitate?

    Theory lessons are all well and good DIT, however practical should always be done as a SAA lesson.

    Again from the teaching the crow point of view they do need to be taught the correct names for the parts as stated in Pam 5.
  6. As BWsammwatt, it's a practical skills lesson. EDIP. Explanation, demonstration, imitation, practice.
  7. Thanks for the input, all good advice that I will take on and put to good use. Just need to beef it up a bit and spread it out into a 30 minute lesson, and also try to get the hang of putting a sling on with the rifle upside down from my point of view, as not to block the students feild of view when I'm putting the sling on the rifle
  8. On my ncos cadre we took some skill at arms lessons for the dit qual