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We are awaiting our registered charity number. Richard was the 200th service person to die in Afghanistan, the foundation has been set up in his name. Since his death we have raised roughly £20,000. We have a large eveny taking place in May this is a live music and live shows day with an estimated crowd of 5,000 the bands playing are given there time free, a large number of forces charities have confirmed attendance including blesma, rbl, talking2minds, combat stress and soldiers off the streets all have been invited to attend and have a pitch at the event free of charge to raise awareness for their own charities and organisations.
We have several other events lined up in the near future including band nights and charity auctions and fundraisers.

Welsh Warrior The Richard Hunt Foundation

Welsh Warrior Facebook group
I would be more than happy to put a link on our sites, facebook pages, myspace etc linking back to ARSE.

Many thanks for your great site and vast array of information that you make available.

Ian Callaghan
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