The RFU - sack the lot of them.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Queensman, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. Shock horror: 'Rugby player has a beer!'

    What are these clowns up to? Why do they insist on raking up the petty misdoings of a few players when most right minded folk have forgotten all about it?

    BBC Sport - Mike Tindall removed from England elite squad and fined by RFU

    Rob Andrew - you my fine friend need to resign. And take a few more of the 'Ilackados' with you.

  2. Because they're old ******* 'has beens',who couldn't hold down a 'proper job',so gravitate towards ruining the finest game in the world,because they can! :roll:

    They seem to forget that when they 'played' (the old farts),it wasn't a professional game,it was a different game,they are still trying to apply standards that went out of the window years ago.

    As you say,to many hangers on,need to get out into the real world,and leave the modern game to those who know!
  3. Does seem a little harse.

    If they wanted rid maybe they should have given Tiddle the option to 'retire' not just fucked him off like a piece of shit footballer.

    The whole RFU should hold its head in shame for the farce that is english rugby. Richest union on earth, a player base bigger than most others and still they can't find a desent management set up without the name 'sir clive' being brought up. They'll never appoint the best man for the job because he'll be foreign and the prawn sarnie brigade in the north car park don't like that sort of thing.
  4. Johnson should be the first to go,followed by the 'Performance Director',if anyone deserved to have a rugby ball inserted sideways up their jacksie,it's Rob Andrew.

    He did such a good job as the Director of Elite Rugby,that the RFU scrapped the post in January this year.
  5. Im just wondering what Tindall did to justify them giving him that fine?

    It looks obvious that he was drunk, but was anyone else in the squad? He kissed a girl/a girl kissed him (who it later transpires that he knows & it seems that his wife seems OK with it) but surely thats a private matter. So, what else?

    Just smacks of scapegoat and of poor management/leadership from above.

    I was never keen on Johnson being made coach, great player yes but an absolute unknown in the role in which they appointed him. Coupled in the shabby treatment of Brian Ashton who I thought took a poor team to the RWC final and we now find ourselves in this mess.

  6. Serious misconduct, "The image of English rugby has been tarnished, and not just because of Tindall’s drunken actions which the RFU’s operations director, Rob Andrew, described as reaching "a level of misconduct that was unacceptable in a senior England player" (Telegraph).

    Definitely stinks of S-C-A-P-E-G-O-A-T,even that racist twat Dick Best,has had a comment on the BBC News,talk about scraping the barrel for comments,talk about,Pot,Kettle,Black,oops shouldn't have said that should I Dick?

    I think the RFU,has now 'cut of it's nose,to spite it's face',serves 'em ******* right! :meditate: