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Discussion in 'RLC' started by KnightsofRowallan, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Must have been short of articles this year. Some real crackers in there.

    edited to add:

    If you are unfortunate enough to read the RLC Review 2009 magazine there is a strange article about how female soldiers should be in the infantry because they are already on the front line, closing with and destroying the enemy, when out on CLPs (Combat Logisitc Patrols).

    Granted some CLPs are quite hairy affairs, but its not quite the same as conducting a deliberate attack, F&Ming to an enemy postion and bayonetting them to death.
  2. Oh I dont know. Some of the women I have pissed off in my life seem quite capable of all of the above!
  3. Glad I found this thread, didnt know which one to stick it in. Never realised before, but only the people with nice shiney badges got one. So the question I am asking is why only them and who and what paid for The Review?
  4. tigerchef. You did. Thanks.
  5. Fell asleep looking at the front cover my opo feel asleep on page one. Does it get and more exciting or interesting!!!!
  6. Had a quick scan before consigning it to the natural home of publications that never get read.

    One worthwhile comment stuck out - page 62, and unfortunately made by a chef - "for a generalist to be successful they need to be surrounded and advised by specialists".

    Not strictly true but the intent is correct - the RLC has diluted the skill-base inherited from the forming Corps, particularly the 'technical' Corps, to a point where SME is now pretty much non-existent.
  7. Why did they have to put three photos of that scary bird in the article? I'd managed to resign the image of that munter to the back of my mind - until NOW! :x
  8. I've been meaning to write something for The Review for some time but...
  9. Marco Ciotti's article about the Hell's Angel Sect Comd at Bunde was quite funny. But then again, Marco was always amusing.

    The Army isn't as funny as it used to be.
  10. Agreed. The Army takes itself far too seriously nowadays.

    Good effort by the LCpl to pen the CLP article. Wouldn't have happened in my day however - we had far more important things to fill our days with, primarily avoiding work, avoiding Active Edge, drinking and whoring.

    We had absolutely no interest whatsoever in the chain of command, where we fitted in to said chain, doctrine, policy, kit or tactics - far too busy enjoying ourselves. I know which environment I prefer.
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    I was very impressed with the "shinyness" which, unfortunately, renders it non-absorbent and we've run out of bog paper.
  12. I found that funny too; however I live in Blackwater and I dont know too many crack dens. It is Surrey after all!
  13. Have you seen the advert for the FPS on the inside of the back page? WTF is going on there?

    Some tit has laid permanent Infrastucture in the form of a BFI slap bang in the middle of a SPOD. This is just plain mental. The H&S considerations have been blatatnly ignored and this whole area is an accident waiting to happen.

    The incidents taking place in this operation are just shocking. Some tit from 47 AD has lobbed 13 bundles out of the back of a Herc straight into the oggin. The tail end of the CLP leaving from the SPOD clearly shows some trog breaking convoy discipline in an attempt overtake his way to the lead vehicle as he knows it will take forever to get a pie from the EFI at the other end.

    There is a very near miss involving an apache and and a Herc.

    None of the personnel in this picture are wearing hi-vis vests and to top it all off (having scanned the docks for at least 45 minutes) I cannot see one life preserver so when some fat mover falls in the drink he's gonna just float off over the horizon.

    I can also see no less than 7 RETCH in this picture 2x C17 1 xAH64 6 x HET 4 LCR and yet there only appears to be 13 people running the whole operation from the ground.

    What a pile of shit that picture is.

    Having looked at the back page and being outraged at this attempt in portraying logistics, I have thrown the publication straight in the bin and written to the daily mail and my local prime minister.
  14. I was also gabbertyflasted that the 2 Israeli soldiers pictured on page 9 have not been given time to shape their helmets properly or have RLC TRF's photoshopped onto themselves. What is the RLC coming to these days?
  15. Personally, I would rather the money spent on printing and distributing this publication be spent on welfare, sport and charity. It could still exist but through the medium of the Inter/Intranet.