The Rev Dannatts new book - 'Leading from the Front'

Discussion in 'The Book Club' started by Fat_Cav, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. Buy it and review it for us....
  2. Only on chapter 3, but so far...

  3. Saw him at Chepstow and got mine signed. Top bloke and pretty decent book
  4. I never met him, and to be fair he is known as the soldiers soldier, but he sent troops into Iraq in lightly armoured landrovers. Three and a half years later he had this to say.

    Sir Richard Dannatt : A very honest General | Mail Online

    On page two of this PDF he really comes out with the money quote.

    To me that quote provides ample proof that he sent troops out to an operational theater knowing that the vehicles they were in were not the best that they should have been.
    I can't find the link now, but I did read that it was a Labour minister who persuaded him to invest in some proper mine protected vehicles,rather than hold out for some pie in the sky vehicle, that's still not been invented yet.
  5. I'd rather smash a student over the head with a snooker ball in a sock than read that.
  6. You make that activity sound like it would be one you wouldn't normally want to do. I find a daily bash-the-student-over-the-head is a great hangover cure.

    As to Dannatt sending troop out with not the best kit for the job: Isn't that part of a soldiers' lot ? Have we ever been sent out to do a rush job with all the right and best kit ? Was anyone issued with true urban camo for N.I ? Or shorter barrelled gats for urban fighting ? Or the best winter boots to tab/yomp across the Falklands ? Nope. The reality is you take what you have as a stopgap and do your damndest to get the best kit out a.s.a.p. Since the end of teh Cold War until the Septics decisded that everyone who wasn't with them was against them, we were doing our best to look at what threats might come up. No-one saw what did pop up. There has never been enough money to design everything for every eventuality. Only enough (barely) to retroactively design and build what turns out to be needed. And little time for R&D or testing/proving unless it's in Theatre. Then there's the fecking politicos to deal with ........

    Does the man donate any of the procedes to a military charity ? After all, his pension has got to be good !

  7. For the Falklands, which was a bit of a "we're invading your sovereign tendency at the nethermost end of the world, come as you are" war then your point is fair enough. However GW2 was a bit of a in the FOE kind of do and the right kit could have been acquired in advance. Or alternatively we could just do what we always do and use the kit we bought after last time, for next time...
  8. Not disagreeing. Just that that's life and it sucks. Having high expectations only leads to disappointment. Ask my missus !
  9. Not disagreeing with you d_b...curse this violent agreement!