The return of the 'Slum Lord'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunnoficarus, Jul 5, 2011.

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  1. Can't blame this one of the evil Torys or Thatcher!

    Where were Labour while these empires were being built?

    Dispatches - 4oD - Channel 4

    "…Dispatches sends an undercover reporter to work for a rogue property empire in the north of England. He reveals a world of forced evictions, slum properties in dangerous condition, and routine bullying of tenants. Jon confronts the man raking in millions while his tenants suffer.

    Dispatches also exposes an extraordinary new phenomenon: thousands of people living in illegal sheds, transforming parts of London into slums. A second undercover reporter lives in a squalid, illegal shed in London, paying £40 a week rent to another rogue landlord.…"
  2. The usual suspects will, as usual, blame Mrs. Thatcher. Facts never get in the way of so-called 'socialist' dogma. As we know, Labour 'doesn't do history' - the third rate grinning spiv Blair told us so!
  3. Air_Filter will no doubt be along to prove you wrong!
  4. A bit like the picture of Dorian Gray - as Rio gets richer and gets rid of its shantytowns, we get poorer and establish our own.

    We'll have to put some gloss on this for the London Olympics. Perhaps we could say that our shantytowns are the World Shed Fair, or that they are the best quality slums in the Third World, or perhaps a demonstration of conditions in other parts of the world.
  5. labour set targets for house building that were never met and allowed half of eastern europe in
    obvious result
  6. Amazing! A whole day has passed without an attack on Margaret Thatcher!
  7. Probably encouraging them.
  8. I went to SA in 2008 and loads had been moved out of the shanty towns and given new homes built by the Govt. The majority of these homes had sheds and lean toos built in the garden/yards which were then rented out to other localsand the whole area immediately developed into a shanty town. 10-1 on that the properties in London which are renting out sheds in the gardens come from the same ethic - ie make money by screwing your countrymen. Those in the sheds will probably be illegals/relatives/extended family of the owners. Get the Border Agency in and they could soon find their missing thousands that have gone off the books. Not much chance of that though....
  9. I wonder if there was ever any follow up on the previous Dispatches expose about the rag trade? - dangerous working places owned by ethnics exploiting their illegal immigrant workforces of fellow countrymen...
  10. Was not one previous Labour Prime Minister, Harold Wilson's name linked to some Slum Landlords and other sleezy characters.... one Lord Gannex of the Raincoats.......

    Or I might be mistaken of course..... alleged
  11. The name Peter Rachman may be familiar to some of the older members of ARRSE.
    He, despite dying at a relatively young age, managed to add a new word to the English language (and he was of Polish birth!).

    The word is Rachmanism.

    Google it - his type haven't gone away.
  12. He was a Polish 'Jew' that's very different to being a 'Pole' Analogy is British 'Muslim'..or to make it simples.. football players that play for 'Engerlandf' some 'social history'
  13. I stand corrected, O Great One. I will amend my post.
  14. He was a bit of a lad, but I think Nicholas van Hoogstraten's methods have a certain panache to them.

    And he hates beardie ramblers, can't be all bad then.