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The Return of the ARRSE Tie and Friends

Good news for dedicated ARRSErs

I just collected all the 'ARRSE Wear' that RVOps were dealing with for the last couple of years, so the wheel has turned full circle and it's down to me, BCO, the local post office and our:

very simple shop

I haven't put the t-shirts on yet, but have done the most important things: Ties. These are excellent quality silk ties custom made in the ARRSE colours (it's a long story) by Smart Turnout, purveyors of pompous kit to the squaddie.

For your viewing pleasure:

Plus of course the alternative G10:

also bow ties and mugs.

If you're new to all of this have a look at the great ARRSE tie debate for the history of these fine articles:


and I'm sure there are more.

In short, you must have one
Fat-striped tie ordered, cheers Bosses. I look forward to the masonic-style nudges and winks any time I'm spotted wearing it by a fellow ARRSEer. :D

Edited to add; Received already! Very nice too, thanks very much.
Good CO:

Just to let you know the pictures are not visible and the simple shop link produces a 404 error.

If it helps you figure out the problem I am using Firefox 36.0.3 on a OS X Yosemite MacBook

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