The Return of the ARRSE Gallery, and a little confusion as an added bonus

After however many months and not inconsiderable pain, the old ARRSE gallery is back.

Since the move to the new site we've been using a modified version of the personal albums system that is part of a user profile. We've got rid of that, but what we're left with is a little confusing.

You have your personal albums which are part of your profile, eg. . These can be public or private, and also can be owned by groups.

Then the main gallery - similar but much better than the gallery on the old site. Pictures grouped by subject rather than user and open to the world to see.

It hasn't been exhaustively tested and I had some peculiarities with my own pictures. Bugs here please.


This might be a stupid question but how do you add a comment to a pic? I clicked a little toolbar at the top right of the image and it said "comment this image" but it said I didn't have sufficient privileges when I clicked on it
Hmm, not sure why that link isn't working properly. A much better way of adding comments (or at least one that works!) is to scroll down to the comments area:

Yup that is a very frustrating bug that we haven't managed to cure. The gallery is always there though .... even if missing from the top bar - linky
Ah, good. I though that was just me losing my mind yesterday looking for the gallery on the top bar. Knew it was there - sometimes!



There still appears to a problem with private galleries. Hillwalker has 845 pictures posted on 17 albums, all are private. He has 17 listed on his profile but only 10 come up for viewing.
Is there a limit on the number of pictures an individual account can have?

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