The return of sportsmanship

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by fingers_1661, Jun 28, 2010.

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  1. Having seen the howler against England I'd like to have seen the German goalie or team captain symbolically scoring into his own goal at the start of the 2nd half to correct the referees mistake.

    I don't blame the Germans. England were well and truly beaten but can you imagine the amount of respect a team would have gained if they took the "De-Canio" approach (& what would it have said to FIFA about technology)?
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Unfortunately modern football is result only orientated. It's solely about money and has been for quite some time. The ethics of Sportsmanship left long ago!
  3. There was talk of this when reading scored "a goal" against Watford it was about 2 foot to the right of the goal FFS! Did reading let watford walk a goal in no they did not it wont happen ever!
  4. There were few on the pitch who could of been 100% sure themselves.

    Makes a mockery of the sport this lack of goal-line technology. Yet they will stick 2 extra refs behind the goal instead of installing a goal-line camera, then they say they want to keep the game the same from grass roots upwards??
  5. Yeah and Geoff would have wandered up the pitch and stuck one passed Banks in '66, just to keep things fair?
  6. That would have been the only real victory in this world cup.

    It wouldn't have altered the result and English players wouldn't understand the gesture, that sort of business being completely alien to them

    The fecking goalie blatently cheated in my eyes, covering it up though

    Whats wrong with these cnutsplashes
  7. The one paramount rule in any such sport is "play to the whistle".

    It is not the job of the players to decide whether a goal is scored, a pass is offside, a foul is committed or whatever.

    That's what they have officials for. They make the decisions (right or wrong)
  8. '66 is lightyears away from the point I was trying to raise, not least because the ball was millimeters (at best) rather than meters into the desputed area & the cameras to this day don't show 100% whether the decision was right or wrong.

    BTW:-I hold the same view (to my original post) re Diego Forlans goal that was caught by the apposing goalie in their last game.
  9. According to reports I've read he didn't know for sure until he saw the footage at half time, hence my OP.
  10. Whilst what you say is correct, the same set of circumstances exist.

    In '66 the referee was not sure whether the ball crossed the line, his assistant ruled that it did. This week again the referee was not sure and his assistant ruled that the ball did not cross the line.

    That is the most important factor. We all saw that the ball was over on the replay. But under existing rules that is immaterial.
  11. Sorry he was looking at the fukcer his reactions and actions appeared to me to shout "Fukc pretend it didn't go in"

    anyhow, they would have got smashed anyhow

    feck em all
  12. Yep, it’s a bit like deliberately taking a blood capsule onto the field of play in order to feign a blood injury if the need arises :wink:
  13. That goal always reminds me of Alf Garnett in the feature film of 'Til Death Us Do Part when he shouts "Remember Stalingrad!" at the Russian linesman :D

    Watch Alf Here