The Rendlesham Incident

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ub2008, Aug 17, 2009.

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  1. The Rendlesham Incident happened over nine years before I was born. I hadnt even heard of it until this morning, when I logged onto the website this morning, I was intrigued.
    Theres a whole episode of UFO hunters on youtube about it as well.
    Im far from being a "believer", but thought that it was pretty interesting, particularly as many of the witnesses were seasoned USAF personnel.
  2. The dates of the alleged incident might give a clue... 26 - 28 December.....might have something to do with our cousins (over)celebrating the season of goodwill.

    On the other hand, there were some "interesting" installations in that area of Suffolk that may have attracted the attention of 'aliens'. During my time in that part of Suffolk, Orfordness was very definitely out-of-bounds to visitors unless they had given at least 7 days notice and any attempt to enter was met by large American gentlemen carrying some serious hardware of the Colt variety.
  3. Its Colonel Halts testimony that I find partcularly compelling. Would a senior USAF officer really speak out in such a way? I dont know. Granted he didnt say much until 1991, when he left USAF, but this incident was unique in the bnumber of reliable witnesses who saw the "craft." If it really was nothing, then why would two "men in black" question everyone in the area? Very strange, even the MOD left an open verdict on the case. If they could have pinned it on anything like a drone or weather balloon/aircraft, Im sure they would have.
  4. Did the aliens involved have lemon-shaped heads?
  5. More importantly, did they have the vote ?
  6. does anyone out there know if the whole incident report has been published or if any lines have been blacked out, i've kind of followd this story before but it just gets to muddled up, like most incidents with alleged UFO's

    has anyone got any links to the report?
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    but maybe thats what they WANT you to think... :p

    the trouble with stuff like this is, the water is now so muddied that no one will ever know exactly what happened. yes, I think the USAF and the MOD know more than they let in in this case and others, but exactly what they know will never be clear. and even if someone claims to have knowledge of the real truth, how would you know or prove or disprove it? (although that is part of the fun with ufology...)
  8. 'They then, reluctantly, went on to say that a voice which came from a lemon-like head, which appeared beneath the machine said "We want you, come with us".


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  9. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Bearing in mind that this was in Suffolk, maybe the 'visitors' were from Norfolk!
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  10. You've seen them too then?
    they live near me, quite nice people when you get to know 'em
  11. Try reading the first couple of chapters of Bill Bryson's fantastic book 'A History of Nearly Everything'. Once you get a feel for just how feckin' big our solar system really is, let alone our galaxy or universe, you have to ask yourself why they's bother. From the sun to Pluto (no, not the disney dog) is only something like one five millionth of the volume 8)

    At a rough estimate, the nearest likely system to have anybody out there would be 200 light years away so even if they could look at what we are doing, it would be from the American revolutionary War. Once they get to a point where they are receiving TV signals from 'Neighbours', do you REALLY think they's still want to come here ?

    Although, being in the middle of a bit of a 'lean' period, I'd be happy to be taken away to be experimented on sexually. Anything's better than nothing!! Bet I'd come back with the clap though with my luck.

  12. Wasn't the Rendlesham incident exposed as a hoax a year or two back?
  13. I think that it is perfectly obvious that it was rings around uranus.
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  14. There was an episode of "New Tricks" on BBC1 a couple of weeks ago that was re-hashing the incident, but updating it to "now" and the whole thing was a cover for the crash of a Learjet rendition flight carrying British citizens that had been "snatched" in the UK...

    Much as I would love to believe in Little Green Men, I think that Rendlesham Forest would have a far more "down to Earth" (ah-hum) explanation...

    Any way, wasn't it "proved" that a lighthouse was the cause if it all?

    Right - I'm off before Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith drop round with the flashy memory thing...
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  15. Not that I'd heard but I would be interested to know.