The Remembrance Expedition

Hi all,

I wanted to share news of the Remembrance Expedition - a big challenge being taken on by ex-Olympic gymnast Suzanne Dando and eight inspirational women, including Royal Navy medic Kate Nesbitt MC - one of only two women to receive the Military Cross, Jo Salter - the RAF's first female fast jet fighter pilot and Moira Cameron - the first female Beefeater.

The team are trekking across the Pyrenees on September 14th in order to raise £100,000 for The Royal British Legion's care of injured Armed Forces personnel. They will follow Le Chemin de la Liberte, a treacherous route taken by legendary WWII French Resistance fighter and SOE agent Nancy Wake as she escaped the Gestapo en route to Spain.

The story around the epic challenge can be found here: LegionLive — Blog — Women in Training for Epic Remembrance Expedition

Please help us spread the word about this incredible event - you can donate to the cause right here -

Thoughts, as always, welcome!


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