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Discussion in 'REME' started by craftsmanx, Jul 1, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering how many of you were members of the REME Association and of those who aren't do you know that there are local branches all over the UK, in New Zealand and South Australia . Most branches meet on a monthly basis and have a good old natter and reminisce some branches have a very active social programme. If anyone is interested in knowing where their nearest branch is PM me and I'll let them know.
  2. Wheres my nearest branch mate.
  3. Being as you know who I am its should be easy.......!
  4. Do you talk shop?
  5. Sorry I was AWOL. lost in France. Your nearest John is either Stoke or Brum, as for talking shop sometimes we do but most of the time we sandbag and swing the lamp
  6. My nearest branch will be in Adelaide - 4000 km away, so I don't think I'll bother :) I could always start my own branch though..

    My dad left 20 years ago and has survived without the Association so I reckon I'll manage.
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  7. What you havent had you wont miss.
  8. Does anyone know the contact details for the New Zealand Branch of the REME Association ? I know it is run by a Mrs J Bell from Manuka City, there an Email contact or do they have a Website ? I need to speak to them urgently, any advice would be most helpful ! Thanks
  9. Nige, do you know any contact details like an Email or Website for the NZ Branch of the REME Association. I know it is run by Mrs Bell from Manuka City, but I need to contact them urgently and figure Email would be best ! Cheers Doughnut.
  10. I along with several other ex serving members belong to the Bristol Branch of the REME Association, our monthly meetings are an excuse for a few beers & a chance to talk about life as was in the dark ages. We meet in the local T.A. Centre so with beer at £1.00 per pint it can lead to some real boll*cks being discussed later in the evening.

  11. I have applied by e-mail at least twice over the past few years, never got a reply
  12. Try sending a cheque, 10 Pfegs says it gets banked.
  13. New phone + sausage fingers = accidental post

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  14. Check contact details by following the link:

    REME Association