The REME and their relationship with regiments

Discussion in 'REME' started by Firthy556, Sep 27, 2009.

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  1. When your attached to a regiment as a LAD are you considered part of that regiment as in you do your tours on their time and join in with things like home coming parades.

    Having trouble finding information about how the REME are organised to do their job. I'm talking more specifically about the Armourer position.

    If anyone has any info i'd appreciate it.
  2. PM me with your questions and I'll do my best to answer.
  3. REME are generally very well integrated in the unit they are attached to and deploy on exercise, tours etc with their parent squadrons/companys. The relationship in units between REME and regiments depends largely on personalities in place at the time.
  4. Members of an LAD are fully integrated in the unit they are attached to. Whether you deploy with the unit or not will depend on the role of the unit on the tour, for example, if a tank regiment is deploying in an infantry role, they may not take all the VMs, technicians and other trades.

    You will always be included in regimental events, the LAD usually does pretty well in any sports comps, much to the ire of the regiment...

    In 20 years, I always enjoyed being part of a unit LAD. I think I was fortunate never to serve in a bad regiment.
  5. We have a very good relationship at our unit with all the fitter sections intergrated into the Sqns infact it was the only thing we got a green on the recent eci on, failed every thing else miserably lol :D
  6. Ah well that's encouraged me more. Sounds like a laugh, at first I heard being part of a LAD was not too plesant. But now it sounds good I was worried I wouldn't get to know and involved with the regiment I'd be attached to but seems I was wrong.

    Cheers for the answers.

    Any of your own experiences relating to the thread would be good to hear if you have them to tell.
  7. LAD life is usually pretty good. As far as integration into the regiment goes provided you can live up to their soldiering standards (you will have to on ex or ops) then you are generally respected for your specialist capabilities. The only time I can remember any minor rubs were when LAD hierarchy tried to purposfully set itself apart as a seperate Unit as opposed to a sub Unit. This was almost always accompanied by an empire building OC who tended to be a complete c*ck and unfortunately there are plenty of those. It just depends upon whose opinion they value the most, CO or Bde. Live with this and you can live with anything.
    Whatever is said you will have a more fulfilling life attached to a teeth arms regt than a REME one.
  8. From my own experiences from quite a few years back was that REME in small doses ie: LAD was far better than large doses ie: armd wksps.
  9. Aye you even get to wear the Regimental paraphenalia eh Nige 8)
  10. Ahh Yes, I remember those fantastic Knit Wear episodes well, Nige.
  11. Christ, not heard or seen the words "gutta percha" for a long time.
  12. We are so much a part of the regiments that we do all their weekend duties
  13. Look after the company commander's car and you're sorted. Do it during a PRE inspection and your career is stacked.

    Can give you a warm feeling when the CO rejects the OC LAD's CR comments but only lasts until you're posted of course!

    Integrate and enjoy!
  14. Eight Lives Down, informative book with comments on the reme in afghanistan -- not very flattery i am afraid
  15. Joln in with them and enjoy it.

    Think of yourself as Supporting Arms and not Attached Arms.

    Remember you are there to serve them.

    However your not there to be subserviant, (spelling)?

    Remember their pedigree is probably a lot more established than yours.