The Remainer march in London today.


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1. The Guardian doesn't claim over 700,000, it says almost 700,000.
2. Why pick on the Guardian? Most other papers say 670,000 to 700,000 (earlier editions of the Telegraph and Mail, for example).
3. Pictures would appear to show the figures are certainly well above your "snatch from the air" figure of 70,000.
4. They got the figures from marshals on the route.

Stupid idea as there won't be another referendum and there shouldn't be as we've already had one.
People should shut up about it and concentrate on trying to get behind UK in getting a good deal which our government leaders seem incapable of doing.
How many on the march do you actually think were eligible to vote?
I can't see a referendum on the terms of us leaving would help. The public might say they agree with a deal, then the EU don't and vice versa. We could go round in circles forever with various factions saying they were robbed and demanding we do it all over again.
That's the trouble with tasking a remainer with the actual process of leaving. Whatever watered-down version of Brexit we get won't be popular with anyone. At least if it was given to a pro-Brexiteer to manage, 51% of the population would be happy. Instead we will have 100% not happy.
Roll on 29th March and it's sorted one way or the other.
And this folks is the standard that Brexiteers sink to in their panic at any sign of a difference of opinion.

And they claim that's democracy! :)
The referendum was democracy in action.

I think you need to lie down in a dark room with a damp towel on your head. Besides, it wasn't me that started to panic by posting a wish for another opportunity to change the majority decision that didn't fit with your opinion now was it?

Calm down dear, calm down
I personally look forward to many more such protests.
Got 4 hours overtime and a free Nandos for sitting on a public order carrier, occasionally getting off to stop cretins who can’t use their words fighting one another.


Get behind them how? the power of positive thought?
By not having stupid marches that will do no good at all. By not giving credence to the ex politicos, z list celebs etc which only gives aid and succour to the EU who think they can get away with anything.

Don't get me wrong, I think leaving the EU without a deal will be the stupidest thing the UK has ever done. The economy will go into meltdown (IMHO) for a long time and I remember the years when it was really sh1t.

However, the vote has been taken, it was a fair vote even though a lot of it was swayed by the refugees from Syria (although I'm sure loads were not from there) and Merkel being a bit of a snowflake and taken in by pictures of dead kids on beaches which stoked the fires of xenophobia. By the by, the vote was out and it should be acted on.

I've always said that, even though I would prefer for the UK to remain, if there were to be another referendum then I would vote to leave to respect the original vote.

I am, though, starting to change my mind. Should there be another referendum (and I sincerely hope and believe there won't be regardless of silly marches) then I would abstain because of the way the UK has cocked it up from the very start.

It's become more about willy waving and jostling for power and recognition by this so-called government than it has about whether to get a good deal or not. They are the ones that should be presenting a united front instead of having pizza parties and forming breakaway groups to come up with ever more ridiculous plans for the other EU countries to have a giggle at.

Party loyalty and leader loyalty has become a farce and I don't think the UK will recover for a long time.
Was there much trouble?
Not really. A handful of far right mouth breathers tried to hijack a protest outside the MOD about PTSD treatment for veterans. Were fishing for bites from the People’s Vote lot with a few idiots on that side biting. Think one cretin got himself arrested at a pub later on for assault don’t know from which side.
As opposed to the elected autocrats who are in bed with the big banks we are going to get?
At least the UK will have a choice to elect someone else.
To paraphrase Edmonds show this lot seem to be advocating a second referendum on deal, no deal, or go back to the beggining of the game, which in the original format was not iirc an option.

Have any of their leaders actually got any indication let alone legal guarentee from the EU that remain as was is an option from their side?
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