The Remainer march in London today.

This post is possibly the most sensible one I’ve seen on arrse regarding this matter.

A vote on the final deal would be a vote on the facts and not the lies that were spouted by either side and the promises that were made that nobody had any intention of keeping even as the words left their mouths.

Bring it on!
So long as the options included still leaving. This 'vote on a final deal' is another way of ensuring we remain in the EU if the electorate votes No to the Final Deal. Double plus bad.
55% of the vote doesn’t equate to 55% of the contry’s Population.

Yes it was only a 76% turnout, but the whole population doesn't get to vote. You probably meant "the electorate".
...UK in the EU = Slo-Mo car crash, which is finally coming to a close!

Good analogy. Brought to mind a frantic swerve away from the major multiple vehicle pile up, resulting in losing a single hubcap which wobbles slowly to a halt making the woing-woing-woing noise next to the pile of steaming EU wreckage.
A pity these free handouts (attachment jpeg) weren't available to the Marchers at the end of their hard slog on Saturday. They may be on the shelves for end of March once Kleenex have finished rebranding their Man Sized stock..



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The Times reports that there were 670,000.
Which is a bit more than what's reported here:
50,000 people people are marching through London to demand Britain remains in the EU
Organisers said 50,000 people turned out to the protest, while the Metropolitan Police estimated closer to 30,000 people. The closing rally at Parliament Square was completely full by 2.30pm, with reports of more protesters being unable to enter the square because it was at capacity.
Parliament Square has a capacity of around 30,000, so even the numbers cited by the Independent would've filled it. I also spoke to a number of SWP comrades who actually attended the demo and who have, literally, decades of experience in such matters. They estimated that there were between 60,000 to 80,000 on the demo.

However, comparing the overhead shots of the recent anti-Brexit demo with similar overhead shots from the anti-war demo in 2003 really brings home just what a crowd of, allegedly, 700,000 should roughly look like.

55% of the vote doesn’t equate to 55% of the contry’s Population.

'cos that's not how it works!

Your name is on your local Electoral Roll (if you're eligible to vote), you then stir your bones and, go to the polling station, you then cast your vote!

Care to guess how many of the population are under 18, care to guess how many of population aren't eligible to vote for other reasons, care to guess how many can't bother their arse to go to a polling station and vote ?

That's why turnout counts and, 55% of the vote works, can't be bothered to vote, don't complain about the outcome,simples !
The 007/Daniel Craig wannabe lives up to his own correctly assessed depressingly low standards.
Never said I had, but large groups waving EU flags banners and with Blue T shirts marked Bollocks to Brexit didn’t somehow appear to be tourists.
You're still a liar.
Affects whose relationship ?

We're imposing no sanctions on the EU, if the EU wants a 'soft' border, it should rewrite it's own rules, no provision has been made, for a non-compliant, non-EU country to have an open border with the EU, it also beggars belief that after all the shite they've thrown at the UK, they expect us to sort out THEIR border problem ?

I would say to both Eire and, the EU "Rotate, not our problem"!

Contrary to popular belief, the UK has always has 'border checks' with the EU, no matter how superficial.
irlsgt "mainland uk?" is GB
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