The Remainer march in London today.

What was fascinating to me were the abnormaly large numbers of non-English/British marchers. The bulk seemed to be European.
Who presumably wouldn't have a vote in this much-demanded second referendum...?
The EU needs Britain more than Britain needs the EU.

Hence the EU declaring that the sky will fall on us ,the economy will collapse, and we will be ravaged by famine and pestilence if we leave.

The parasite is getting cleared off its host and is terrified.
I know its bad for one to qoute oneself but.....

If I hear any of you knuts plaigarising me on tv or radio, I'm gonna stamp my feet, throw my toys out of my cot, scweam and scweam and call you rude names.

( much like what the EU are doing at the moment tbh) :)
I don't think they had one in the first so I don't see why they would in the second. Unless the government was trying to game the result.

But Tess wouldn't try to pull that one despite being a remainiac, would she...? No, sirree bob!
Wrong as always! This is simply Brexit at any cost without any regard for any of the details being scrutinised by the country.

The younger generations will pay dearly for this while people like yourselves shake each other’s hands and tell each other, well we showed them didn’t we eh!
How are the younger generation going to pay dearly? By not being tied to a sinking ship?
But not a clue what to do once we’ve done so. How clever and in the interests of the prosperity of us all is that!

UKIP = Muppets!
And yet UKIP managed to win the referendum despite the combined efforts of the Conservative, Labour, lib dems, SNP and green parties plus the EU.
And now the dear Lord Mayor of London (his Khanship, not Dick Whittington) has chimed in with his views on Youff having a second say - another tit whose grasp of democracy is deficient....

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The wording on the ballot would be easy. This is what the government have negotiated. Should we stay or should we go. Place your mark in the appropriate box.
It would be a vote on the deal only, the only options should be "Yes" or "No" to the question "Do you accept the deal", none of this staying or going malarkey, the Leave part has already taken place with a majority vote for going!
And now the dear Lord Mayor of London (his Khanship, not Dick Whittington) has chimed in with his views on Youff having a second say - another tit whose grasp of democracy is deficient....
If they haven't all stabbed each other
He’s a chancer. He should really be selling second hand cars. At least he would be making an honest living.
UKIP at the last EU election was the largest majority or MEPs, beating Tories and Labour, 24 seats, larger than all other parties, with that election and with that information Cameron walked in to a referendum and was surprised he lost, Farage may be many things but he played a blinder over British politicians.


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I’d say more than half the ‘protestors’ were children and teenagers dragooned in by their nut cutlet eating parents,
Plus this:-
Kent Union's Coach for a People’s Vote March for the Future
'It's now or never' - Bath groups mobilize for People's Vote march
The People's Vote: Join us
All seem to mention free travel for students, the very same students who wouldn't bother to come if it wasn't a freebie and a day out in London to boot.
Your paranoia is showing. You translated 'Migrants' into 'Muslims' in your mind.

This is Tommy Robinson syndrome or Yaxley-Lennon Psychosis.
Oh did I? I suppose that would be because of the overwhelming number of 7th day adventist´s and Scientologists that are queuing up to come here...

This is the kind of cognitive dissonance that continues to amaze me, that some people can be so ignorant of some very tangible facts and utterly fail to dive deeper into the details so they just remain stuck in the cycle of thoughts - ¨Migrants good, man say no migrants, man bad¨

A few years a go it was an uphill battle to get people to call them migrants, before then they were refugees. At least some progress has been made to properly identify these people. A few more years people will have the courage to come out and say that they are all muslims and that this might not be a good thing for the country.
it´s expensive to get to london, some savvy among them would have taken advantage of a free ride out of that hell hole.
Venezuela was one of the wealthiest countries in south America, its not pushing it to say that is potentially us in ten years from now.

There is no way out of this mess now if we go back it will damage our countries democracy and our standing in the world, if we leave on the EU'S terms we will still be part of the German empire if we leave with no deal May will resign and a Corbyn government is almost a certainty, the thought of no deal and a corbyn goverment will lead us towards the Venezuela situation,...
I hate to agree with you but the overton window has never been further left. If the current Labour party win GE then we are in trouble. I have heard quiet rumours that plans for a coup d'état have been discussed but are of course very unlikely. We have a very real danger of socialists gaining power and that will lead to our ruin as evidenced by every other time it has ever been tried before.

This is, in part, why TM is still in power however it´s really not working having her in charge and I sincerely hope that she is gone by the end of the month. I would put Rees-Mogg and Johnson in charge of Brexit, at least they wont be pushed around and will be tougher on the EU.

This fecking idiot, Owen Jones is a major Labour campaigner and has brought socialism back into the mainstream for the masses, he has also been discussing communism as if it is some misunderstood bit of fun and games.

This is the scale of the problem that we face for the future.

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