The Region: Why Israel Wins Wars (Jerusalem Post)


The first thing that springs from this article is the suicide part. While a willingness to die as last resort is admirable, as a first resort it is ridiculous use of assets. For instance, how much intel is gathered by frontline troops. If all your troops have issued a takbir and charged into the enemy, the next 'line' will be at a tactical disadvantage. Having troops ready to die is an advantage, issuing the orders that lead them to die on mass is surely a bad use of asset. The muslims see martyrdom as a victory. Until they find a way to mediate their desire for death with a desire for victory, they my find they are often beaten in this world by people who believe in life over death.

Having said this I believe that Hizbollah have already learnt this lesson, and that this article is less true for them than other parties. The article also cites that Iraq in the Iran/Iraq war demonstrated this weakness. One must then assume that Iran did not?
To me this comes across as whistling in the dark. It's trying to spin the reverses suffered by the IDF in Lebanon and pretend that they never happened. Fortunately for Israel there are enough people - military and civilian alike (although that boundary does blur given the number of reservists) - who believe that change is necessary that the IDF may well raise its game.