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All your recommended reference/coffee table books for modelling subjects here, be it armour, aircraft or war canoe.

Picked this up in the TM shop. Lots of illustrations and colour plates, including spreads of interior detail shots and factoids. Begins in the beginning and works through in sections; both WWs, the CW, and contemporary conflicts into future concepts. Tanks, APCs, IFVs - the lot - all covered.

The Tank Book on Amazon



A mate bought me this (for some reason!) - the technical manual the Spams wrote after evaluating a captured 88:-


Apart from being historically interesting to read there's lots of detail photos and illustrations, not only for the mount but the ancillary kit like the battery aiming solution computer unit and range-finder.

On Amazon.
Far East Armour.

Go to YouTube, Australian Army Tank Museum, Puckapunyal.
Not to big but all the Aussie vehicals are painted in their colour scheme's. They've got quite a mix of vehicals. Looking at the film, I counted at least 5 Matildas, one Matilda Scorpion, a dozer mark. Three Grants, four Centurions, a couple of Buffalo's one fire support version.
Just a quick edit, had another look at video. They've also got a BARV, not 100% but looks to be based on a M3 or M4. There's also some Soviet kit as well.
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