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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Nige, Oct 23, 2006.

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  1. I received my Red Book today, I discharged on 30 Aug and it's arrived in Australia today.
    I am quite impressed with it, there is a 'personal' letter signed by Mike Jackson as well as a very well written resume of service from my old CO.
    Overall the package looked the part and was proffessionally done.

    The qualifications summary will be useful over here and I think it would help in Civvy Street too.

    Well done the Army! (Well, the faceless EO at Glasgow anyway)

    I think we're finally starting to show appreciation for our soldiers.
  2. The Red Book is actually fantastically done, I was impressed as well.
  3. Nige,

    I wasn't aware that a soldier received a "personal" letter from CGS but, maybe, that is a new innovation. The rest of the package is standard and has been for some years, although the qualifications bit was tidied up and turned into civ-speak some time ago.

    Although some 108s write themselves, I can spend hours on some 108s. No doubt, your OC has just spent hours on yours!

    Note to others: If you are in your last 6 months and your boss asks you for a resume of your career - give him enough interesting information to write about 300 words. And let him know the angle you want him to pursue, and the direction in which you want your career to move.

    Good Luck, Nige, with the new life and second career! Will we get a blog from Oz?

  4. I looked forward to getting my red book and when it arrived, what a disappointment. Complete waste of time.

    Full of inaccuracies, omissions (missing Op tour and medal, I know I was there it was bloody cold, missing courses and quals) and told any prospective employer nothing about what I had done or could do. This is mainly down to being a spec op I suppose and that those that write them have no knowledge what so ever of what I did. It would have been great if I was going for a job in GCHQ but that was about it (seeing as they funded and held most of the courses).

    I even tried asking Glasgow to correct the mistakes, but that fell on deaf ears. I tried getting the powers that be to give Glasgow a "civvy" speak version of the trade courses I had attended, that too fell on deaf ears. Complete lack of interaction with those that I worked for and those that put the pages in the book, oh and a complete lack of interest I fear. Thanks for giving me your best years of your life, but as you are no longer any use to me, just go away and try to forget about claiming your pension when it comes around.

    The only time my book has been of any use was for a job in Iraq, when they wanted to see my discharge notes and write up (which I wrote as my 23 year old OC had no idea). What was more use was having a copy of all my confs, and end of course reports. Pad the empty pages in your red book with them, more use than what Glasgow puts in .
  5. I was sorely disappointed with mine... all due respect though, it was a long time ago though... just blah, blah, blah... nothing about me in it at all. In fact I think they sent me the wrong one! and some bloke called Charlie Mao must have got mine.
  6. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I think WasMe wasnt too chuffed with his.
  7. Left in August of this year and the Red Book was sent to me in the Post. No real surprise in the write up as I had written it myself, and then got the Boss to sign the appropriate place once it had all been typed up. This way I ensured the information given was helpful for the way I wanted my new career to progress.
    "If you want something doing right, do it yourself."
  8. Left in June and still havent had mine, doesnt surprise me as the admin at my last unit was a disgrace. I dont envisage anything good being in mine either as my last OC was first class co*k! Bound to be full of mistakes too, you never know though I could be pleasantly surprised!
  9. Further to the comments seen on this thread, having done over 15 years army service; I am well aware of just what the civvies, and other no-hopers who deal with our end of service admin, are actually not capable of. :x

    But I have a question, which I hope you'll allow.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances (women, divorce, bunny boilers etc) I have "lost" my Red Book. Anyone know how to get an accurate replacement these days?

    I presume one applies to "records"? but they may have moved or become a totally different animal, since I received my book.

    Any help would be most appreciated. Then perhaps I can get on the phone to some twerp at the right office who doesn't give a t*ss.
    My thanks in anticipation.

  10. Check your PM's mate
  11. I got my read book, what a crock of sh1t. And now, to top it off, the pages have stuck to the plastic, so I cannot pull them out, without causing the writingt to fade.

    And the personal letter was a faded photocopy from the CGS. T0ssers.
  12. My red book is gathering dust in the shed. Quite well done but not a help in future employment. I never used it as such, merely stated I was in defence forces I should mention that it was signed off in 1968 !

    By the way, has any arrsers looked at the Mad Mufti of Oz at some stone age statements from him ?. It appears that women that are not covered from head to toe are actually "meat" . See web sites like the Sydney Morning Herald or "The Australian" Seeems like this guy slipped in under the covers of political expediency ! I think he may be a bit Pi$$es of because we banged up some likely muslim lad for 30 years for a mob job on some teenage Oz girls. Just That I have not seen it on the forums.
  13. Thanks to Mag_to_Grid for your help and messages, about the replacement red book. I am grateful to you for taking the time.

    Regards and best wishes.

    (a.k.a. Paul)