The Red Baron

Or he was killed by a round fired from an infantrymans rifle. At that altitude every man and his dog would be having a go. Nobody will ever know and the various claims couldn't be proved then or now.

MvR my CSE coursework subject 1972

Interesting that Albert Ball VC was awarded to Lothar, Manfreds brother. Highly unlikely but what actually happened and what the propagandists say are two different things.
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Interestingly, were he born today he would be a Jam Roll.

Also, when the remaining members of the Red Army Faction/ Baader Meinhof gang committed suicide on the same night in Stammheim prison, it was a relative of his who way the Gov of the prison (I think). A very prominent family.

Also of interest

Hermann Freiherr von Richthofen, GCVO (born 20 November 1933 in Breslau) is a German diplomat. He is a great nephew of Manfred von Richthofen, the "Red Baron". He was ambassador to the United Kingdom from 1989 to 1993, and his name and relationship to the Red Baron made him a media favourite ...
And here I was expecting a thread on Lord Kinnock of Bedwetly.
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Richtofen may have been the enemy but represented a chivalrous foe. He disengaged on more than one occasion when his opponent's guns jammed.
My belief is that it was Snoopy.

Indeed, but he was, nonetheless, a formidable enemy asset - had he continued to prosper, it would have been at the expense of some of ours.
you need a new book mate! Sgt Popkin (Aussie) shot the Red Baron and Michael Wittman was got by Trooper Joe Ekins, a British gunner in a Sherman Firefly tank of the 1st Northamptonshire Yeomanry who fired the round that destroyed his tank, killing Wittmann and his crew plus 2 other Tigers in the same troop. ( I know that the Canadian Sherbrooke Fusilier Regiment may have been responsible instead but Tpr Ekins officially got the credit for it)
Ekins has never claimed to have slotted Wittman. What he has always claimed is that he got three Tigers, one round apiece, from 800 yards, which was confirmed beyond doubt by the other men present and the after action inspection of the battlefield . Wittman was at the left rear of the German group that day and his was the only Tiger that blew up and the turret blew off and landed alongside the hull, which does lend credence to the Canadian claim that they killed Wittman, as they were much closer and firing from would have been Wittman's 10 o clock
Rewind seven years to Nato Standard123 original question. Vizefeldwebel Fritz Beckhardt was a Jewish fighter ace who racked up 17 confirmed kills during the first Anglo German unpleasantness. 1937 Beckhardt was accused of having sexual relations with a non-Jewish Aryan woman and a result he was convicted and sent to Buchenwald for 19 months for "protective custody". He died in 1962 ages 72.
One of the Ww2 Luftwaffe squadrons had a commander whose wife was half Jewish, so Goering decided that the unit was "shameful" and ordered them to wear a red band on their tunics, so the pilots painted a red band on their 109s and flew around with them on until Goering finally conceded.


This has been argued over since the incident, with each team claiming to have better evidence to prove their case than the others.
Nobody really knows who killed him.
I'm voting for greenwood and batley filled by RL

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