The Red And Green Life Machine

by Surgeon Commander Rick Jolly RN

I found out about this book from the John Nichol thread about looking for medics stories and I've not been able to put it down. What an excellent book, thoroughly recommended to all.

For those that don't know, Rick Jolly was an RN Commando who commanded the surgical receiving facility in Ajax Bay during the Falklands War. His stories, ranging from the amusing (the adoption of a penguin by a load of bored booties) to the tragic (the description of the night of the bombing of Sir Galahad is truly heart-rending) are well told and gripping.

Incidentally, he's also the chap who got winched down into the water (without a lifejacket or immersion suit) to pick two blokes out of the sea when HMS Ardent was hit - he's got a big brass pair as well, it seems.
A great book. I am amazed you can't find it in normal bookshops.
One of the best books I've read.

I imagine a fair few blokes, Brit and Argie are still around thanks to him
minister_doh_nut said:
One of the best books I've read.

I imagine a fair few blokes, Brit and Argie are still around thanks to him
A good guy, decorated by the Argentineans as well. Attended his lecture in June at the IWM North and it was excellent.
It was reissued earlier this year and my copy went AWOL somewhere due to a mishap at Rick Jolly's end, got in touch with him and he sent me two signed copies as an apology. Passed one copy onto a bloke who lost his leg at Longdon. Top gesture from Rick.
He was the PMO at BRNC when I was a baby matelot, I can confirm that he was an absolutely top bloke! Had a few tales to tell after the odd glass of port.

Nuts though :)


Book Reviewer
Fish-head, he was there too when I went through then 8 years later I was back on the staff and he was wheeled in a civvie standby GP. Great fun in the mess and he still got out on Dartmoor.
He cuffed me round the back of the head when I was a baby writer at Culdrose for biting my nails. nearly swallowed my fingers.

Great guy for all of that, got a signed copy of jackspeak at home. Thats his book about naval slang and terminology, very funny indeed.

Top bloke

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