The Rebellions - Rebellious or Reactionary?


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Little known rock band The Rebellions have been dropped from a Scottish festival called Live Troon for composing a song that praises Tommy Robinson. You can hear it here.

To my ears it sounds like a meeting between Sham 69 and Oasis. Not bad at all in my opinion. At least they come across like they mean it, which is more can be said of their contemporaries.

If the stated aim of rock n roll is to appear to rail against the establishment and challenge the preconceptions of society it seems bang on the money. It presents Robinson as a working class hero who valiantly bestrides the country righting wrongs. This territory is usually reserved for people on the left of politics like Billy Bragg and the Main Street Preachers who seem to have done rather well out of the system they claim to despise by presenting simple solutions to complex problems like immigration or wealth distribution.

However anyone that has had any kind of interaction with the music business will know that their liberal stance is merely a ruse to extract money off people naive enough to believe that utopian ideas can be applied to real life situations.

Given the fact that Live Troon can only boast Top Loader as a headline at their three day event whose one and only hit was in 1999, Republica whose hit was in 1996 and Space who last troubled the charts in 2000 a cynic might suggest that the have dropped The Rebellions so they can signal their virtue and benefit from the resulting publicity.

In short, is Tommy Robinson becoming a cultural force that cannot be denied by the mainstream?


Jeebus. Those two songs are shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. Jilted John is cool though


I suppose from the POV of the organisers of the event being inundated with outrage from Yaxley-Lennon's supporters rather than his detractors is the lesser evil. But as with other disinvitation controversies, it brings publicity (the band must be delighted on that score) to the disinvitees & promotes a sense of victimhood & self-righteousness among them & their supporters.

As always the best thing they could have done is ignore the issue to the extent possible, be low-key about it & remind people allowing participation is not necessarily an endorsement & that if people don't want to listen to it they don't have to attend.
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