The reasons why Im not joining para reg

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SteveyG, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Main reason is that they are overated. And here is why:

    1) There last operational jump was in WW2.

    2) They don't do what it says on the tin. They dont parachute (in wars anyway). Atleast the Rifles do what their name suggests.

    3) once they land they are just normal infantry with bad attitudes and a superiority complex.

    4) The only people who should wear wings are women on the rag.
  2. What are you on? you Mong.
  3. the thick cnut is yet to realise that no body can see his posts!
  4. WW2 ended in 1945. Suez was some years later. Are your other reasons similarly well-informed?

    Reason 4) He failed P Coy.

    So what did you get binned off P Coy for? Physically inadequate?
  5. I was gutted that it disappeared, I had a scathing reply:

    "Good productive post there chap. Well done, you should be proud! Maybe printing it off and handing in to your primary school teacher would get you an A+! "

    I think either he's deleting his posts himself, or a moderator's having to follow him round, sweeping up the crap.
  6. lol, what did it originally say?
  7. I think he has delusions of grandure and has been reading to many war comics, and smoking the funny stuff what a tosser.
  8. Shouldn't think he got that far, but next he'll be telling us why he won't be joining THEM, the Royals etc etc. If you're looking for the most suitable career for a pigeon-chested cnut in a uniform, how about NCP parking attendant?
  9. Thank fcuk the bellend has decided not to grace us with his presence in Para Regt!
  10. lol
  11. When I log in Stevey G's post disapears but I can see it when I log out. Why is that?
  12. He wouldn't even be welcomed as a 'HAT!
  13. To be honest, it annoys me that I cannot see what he wrote

    Wait a moment, could it be that someone did get to him and this is his big try to discredit his supposed former comrades in arms??!!!

    {EDIT - No way it could be him, after logging out and reading the first post I've realised the spelling is far too good to be "Pte" Golden, still good for a related chuckle tho}
  15. I´ll just trundle off and get another cup of coffee. Cheers uoykcuf21

    Fallschirmjäger: Bit charitable today aren´t you ? What makes you think he´d have even shown up for basic training, let alone passed P Coy ?