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Here on this site, lurk people affected by conflicts fought over the last seven and eight decades. Unfortunately many get on with it without ever voicing their conditions.

This was brought to my attention earlier today and am ashamed to admit I was unaware.


These were the chances of my survival, given on my arrival at Selly Oak. Fortunately, for me, the doctors continued to do their best even with these low odds.

If I had been a dog a vet would have put me out of my misery.

I have been described as the most seriously injured person that the doctors have managed to save. My injuries included:

Amputation of both legs above the knee (left very high).
Amputation of both thumbs
Loss of little finger - left hand
Loss of 2nd & 3rd phalange on ring finger - left hand
Loss of 3rd phalange on middle & index fingers - left hand
Extensive skin grafts to approx 80% on the palm of the left hand.
broken ulna - left arm
Extensive scarring and grafts on left forearm
Nerve damage to the ring and middle finger (I have no feeling in them) - right hand.
Skin grafts to the right palm and a large area on the right forearm.
Open book fracture of the pelvis and a break on the right hand side. This required me to wear a large metal frame (x-fix) for 12 weeks, limiting any mobility.
Break of the right femur (lucky bastard me, I lose my legs and the bit that is left, I break!). This resulted in an extension to the x-fix going down (the remains of) my right leg.
There are other injuries, but I think you get the picture.

I was also on a ventilator for much of the 5 weeks in ITU resulting in a tracheostomy.
Joking and banter aside, for a bloke to come through that and survive, amazingly with his sense of humour intact as the very reason that makes this organization worthwhile.

Am also posting this as the RLC forum is full of trogs and this deserves a wider audience.

Dingerr, if you've still got you balls, they are made of steel mate, glasses raised and wish you a speedy and as painless as possible journey back to health.

Theres a holiday in the bag for you whenever you are able.



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I think he is just be being greedy, most people would settle for a broken arm, but oh no not Dingerr!!!

Good luck Dingerr, I wish I had your courage.



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Get well soon, Dingerr (I'm just waiting for Whet to come on here and say that he should have been looking where he was going, seeing as he's in the mood to antagonise today)
Joker62 said:
Get well soon, Dingerr (I'm just waiting for Whet to come on here and say that he should have been looking where he was going, seeing as he's in the mood to antagonise today)
He might be a bit of a c*nt mate, but I doubt he's that much of one.


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Speechless. And the last time that happened me Mam told me she was me Auntie.

Is this a shout for help to send the lad on a hol? If so, maybe say so? You are all together too quiet and retiring Chris, you really are. Allow me?

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My life changed on the 15th Nov 2009. I was serving with the C-IED TF as a high threat operator. On the day in question I deployed to PB sanford with my team, a RESA and a REST. After landing and being briefed by the commander at the PB it was ascertained that a device had been found on a track. A LN had information to indicate that there were a further 5 devices on the track.

We patrolled down to the track and established an ICP at a safe distance from the first device. I completed my RSP quickly. Me the RESA and REST TC formulated a search plan for the track - it was straight forward as the track was only wide enough for one person so the lead searcher went ahead with me 2nd and everybody else snaking behind. Richie declared a find and I moved forward to take a free look, as I approached Richie, I noticed some ground sign and discovered a second device. I wasn't happy with everyone being snaked out along the track and wanted an ICP set up.

I selected a field that gave good protection from both devices, but was close enough for me to work. The REST as always completed a search of the ICP and nothing was found. The TC - Cpl Loren Marlton-Thomas, walked into the searched ICP and promptly sank. I laughed at him (the situation was very schoolboyish), he said "I'm really stuck" I went forward to help him, by pulling his arms, as i put my right foot forward - there was a loud bang followed by a high pitched ringing. Everything slowed down.

I remember being conscious and rolling through the air. My eyes instictivly shut, I knew I had lost my legs and didn't want to see the horrors of my injuries. I landed with an awful thud, momentarily knocking the wind out of me.

I could hear voices, focused on remaining conscious, I was repeatedly shouting "I'm still here". At this point I must have blacked out, as I don't recall receiving any medical care. The next thing I remember is being carried on a poncho and someone shotuing my name, I responded with "I'm still here". The poncho (and my arse) bounced off the ground. A torrent of abuse ensued from me. It didn't hurt, but for some strange reason I felt the need to gob off. The last thing I remember is being lifted onto the MERT, someone held my head, saying "we've got you", IIfelt safe and drifted into unconsciousness.

Cough up cnut sticks.


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Just as long as he keeps his feet on the ground and dosent let all that "the most seriously injured person that the doctors have managed to save" fame malarky go to his head he'll be a-ok.

But seriously truely humbling stuff. Puts things into perspective.

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