The Really Important Stuff: Yes or No??

See that Tony Robinson [ Baldrick ] wants to revive Blackadder in a new series, this time set in the 1960's with him as a rock drummer, Bald Rick, and Rowan Atkinson back as the title character, this time as an illegitimate heir to the Throne...

The ponces at the BBC have announced they have " no immediate plans " - which means they have no idea of a good thing when it's staring them in the face.

Thank gawd for DVD collections, I say.. can watch all the old stuff over and over and still find it pants-rippingly funny..

BTW anyone remember Rowan's ' other series ' : The Thin Blue Line? good in its own way, just not Blackadder..[ as for Mr. Bean.. brilliant at first, but, it got 'tired' fast ]

so.. who gets b!tched at and inundated with frantic e-mails at the BEEB over this ??
blackadder goes forth classic . set it anytime but the sixities for god sakes will be sad when the last veterans of ww11 die but just hope i live long enough when the last tedious survior of the 60s to die hopefully in pain hippy bar stewards you didnt change anything except for the worse
you didnt end the war in vietnam, beatles ,bob dylan and rolling stones just pop groups ok but nothing special shut up and die hippy scum
and only poufs wear flares :twisted:

rant out

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