The Realities of Prison Life.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stvwardy, Sep 22, 2007.

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  1. 6x6 cell with concrete walls and a bucket in the corner.
    A small window too high to see through and just about big enough to let a bit of air in.
    Visitation as a privilege to be earned rather than a right.
    Enforced labour to earn luxuries.

    Anyone got any more ideas on how to make prison a little bit more of a deterrant than it is now?
  2. I'd say roof, clothes, food and blanket. Lock door, put food through hatch. no access to medical supplies. Anyone caught doing drugs instantly gets an extra 25yr sentence. Anyone caught pushing drugs will never be released.
  3. The reason it is like this is based on operant conditioning, reward and sanction.

    The prison service is brutally understaffed and in my experience they are so stretched that the only way to keep things on an even keel is to go softer on the men. So yes, they don't get as many riots but no prison is not a deterrant in the way it should be.

    Heres one to blow your minds. In the Carlford Unit in Suffolk, 15 year old mureders and rapists have keys to their own cells, fish tanks and play stations, I shit you not. I worked in that establishment for 3 years and left disgusted.

    This by the way held Jamie Bulgers murderes, the brothers who killed Damilola Taylor and some high profile but unamed child sex offenders too

    Is it right is it wrong? When you work there it can begin to seem ok becuase you understand the concept of incarceration. When you have your little girl look up at you when you collect her from day care and smile, and know that one of those "children" has violently abused someone just like your daughter you realise there is very little justice in society.

    Sobering thoughts.

    PBS xxx
  4. Ah so we have got to the root of why there is prison overcrowding - its so nice no one wants to leave!

    On a more serious note, he lives more comfortably than many many law abiding people just trying to make ends meet.

    My signature contains one facet of the solution to prison overcrowding. The other facets being no telly, no stereo, no cigarettes, no privacy, and no respect (face the wall when you are waiting, no looking at anyone, no approaching anyone unless permission asked - that was what I saw in another country's military prison).

    Why is it so difficult?
  5. Scabster_Mooch...

    that signature, is ....fantastic.....too bad its not aloud over here.

    human rights crap and all

    still...he wont be sitting down comfortably for a long time.. :D
  6. I remember a good few years ago now when the news of the world got hold of photographs of Ian Brady's "cell" in his secure mental institution (note not a prison) the bugger had a single room, tv, stereo, fridge all mod cons, I just happend to be reading that while sat on my bed in a room I shared with 3 other law abiding citizens that was smaller than his cell, punishment my arrse, OH hang on a minute it's not about punishment its about rehabilitation.

    Also reminds me of an interview I saw on one of the news channels a little while ago, about the prison ship in poole harbour, interviewing a prison officer about over crowding on the ship with 2 men to a bunk, the prison officer said words to the effect of "there were more than that to a bunk when I was living on it down in the falklands" (same vessel used as accom down south in the mid 80's)
  7. Ian Brady was rehabilitated???

    Now there's a thing, I thought that because He was an incurable psychopath He was locked away in Broadmoor or some maximum security HOSPITAL. Got that, hospital.
  8. I knew the last serving "White" Prison Senior Officer in Zimbabwe.

    He did a few exchange visits to the UK in the 80ies and always expressed his amazement at the prison service was too soft.

    He could never understand how the UK took a softly softly touch to rioters on roof tops stoning and abusing the staff.

    Back in Zim (and Rhodesia for that matter) it was.

    Get off the roof and get back in you cell you have 10 seconds , in 11 seconds I WILL (And he did a few times)start shooting.

    End of all riots.

    Or cell destruction and dirty action.

    Ok you want to live in shit – go ahead. We will only clean out the cell once a day with a fire hose. You get to stay in there until you say "I’ve had enough."

    He never had any problems in his prison.

    And not many re offenders.

  9. A maximum security hospital is a great place to treat psychopaths who pose a danger to themselves and others. Psychopaths who have murdered people should be treated the same as any other murderers.

    (Unless they murder Sven in which case they should get a medal) :roll:
  10. To murder sven could not be taken as evidence of psychopathology. Rather to wring sven's wretched neck would be an expression of sanity in its most perfect and pristine condition.
  11. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You really have to put this into perspective.

    If someone has murdered someone else (usually a family member WTF is that all about?) then the dead peep is not going to draw any pension, use the NHS or drawn any dole money. Therefore the scumbag is # 1 jonny with the gubment. Multi murderers - probably get caviar and champagne sent in by Broon :evil:

    Everyone else(unless they have nicked gubment money) are a balance beyween what do the public want (as if we cared) and what do I (the gubment) want. If they have nicked gubment money then it is usually pure spite. IMHO.

    Remember, the only people whose 'human' rights' are upheld are those who have taken someone else's rights (murder, theft, and the worst crime to be caught out on - bigamy).

    Victims are treated as such by the perpetrator and the gubment in exactly the same way. Stuffed.
  12. What is it? - is the link "safe" ? - I'm in, er, 'polite' company...
  13. It's no different than a sound Catholic upbringing... but without the charge being read in Latin... by a nun.