The real unemployment figure is above 4.5 million

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by pandaplodder, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. A rise in the number of 'hidden jobless' means although headline unemployment has remained below 2.5 million, in reality it is above 4.5 million, the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development claims.

    The CIPD reports that, despite the Office for National Statistics finding 2.44 million people are unemployed, a substantial rise of 127,000 people classed as ‘economically inactive' - jobless but not actively seeking work - would have taken the numbers above 2.5 million.

    According to the CIPD's chief economist John Philpott (pictured), there are more than 2.1 million of these ‘hidden jobless' that want to work, plus almost one million currently working part time because they cannot find full-time positions.

    Philpott said: "Reading the latest jobs market data alongside the Bank of England's updated forecast for the UK economy is rather like looking at a British summer weather chart - very few bright spots amid a welter of depressing gloom.

    "The situation would be less depressing if we could comfort ourselves with the prospect of a swift return to strong economic growth. But if the Bank of England is correct this is not on the cards. The best our weak jobs market can look forward to in the near term is an anaemic recovery. This might well trigger a further avalanche of redundancies later this year."

    HR Magazine
  2. We would be far better off knowing the REAL figures. ----- NOT the cock and bull, smoke and mirrors political ones!!
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    According to one of the Job Centre persons in York
    There is a three week delay before you even go onto Job Seakers
    So the figures will be out as they only show whose on what
    In Fairness all parties will calim different ways of working it out
  4. I know at least a dozen unemployed mid-level professionals who are living off their own savings rather than registering & claiming. I bet there are hundreds of thousands more out there....
  5. The figures don`t surprise me. I popped in the Jobcentre the other day and whilst there were about forty one vacancies posted in the last week within a twenty five mile radius of my town, only six or seven could be classed as full time ie: over thirty hours.
  6. I believe NO figures issued by this government or any agency of this government.

    This government is now incapable of telling the truth about any issue.
  7. The only jobless are those that are claiming Jobseeker's Allowance or the current equivalent. You can magic up all the invisible numbers you like, but only those unemployed but seeking work, and reliant upon the allowance are proper unemployed - and that's 2.5 million.

    It's the only figure that has evidence to back it up.
  8. Nor does it count the hundreds of thousands (like myself) on short time.
    Last week I had work for a fortnight, it was cut down to 3 days.

    Like the government gives a shite anyway. They will announce half a dozen new initiatives withou any intention of actually doing anything, just like they always do. The more people dependant on state handouts the more people they can try to scare into voting for them at the general election with scaremongering over benefits cuts by the Tories.
  9. See Jagman - that proves my point - you're not unemployed so shouldn't be counted on the unemployment figures. Any attempt to suggest you are gives me the impression that you're some kind of fascist stooge.
  10. Tell me about it.
    I know plenty of other people who aren't getting enough work to pay their bills, they don't appear on the statistics either.
    Nor do the skilled men (and women) who can only get minimum wage jobs and can't make ends meet.

    Its just like 1978 again.
  11. Paging whet.......

    Support for nuLIARbor required....

  12. What would Sven know about it? Apart from how good the benefits system is if you know how to work it
  13. Don't worry about Sven. I've taken a leaf out of Foulkes' book and am now acting as a paid representative for his interests on ARRSE, and doing guided tours too. I'm taking Mandelson on a tour of the ARRSE Hole when (if) he recovers.
  14. Whet, the bone idle socialist won't be out of his bed yet...... try around 2 or 3PM