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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bobjahoho, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. My phase 1 starts at Bassingbourne on 13th January, and i got all the sh:t that they've told me to get. any extra kit worth getting that's not on the list?

    Thanks all
  2. A sense of humour!

    Take what it says on the list. If you rock up with all sorts of gucci kit the DS will probably think you're a t0sser.

    Take a spare set of washing kit (razor/toothbrush etc), one to use, and one to keep permanently in mint condition in your locker for inspections.

    Take another 3rd toothbrush for getting the dirt out/polishing the tread in your combat highs.
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Tooth brush - great for cleaning toilets.

    You're not allowed to have any personal kit in the first few weeks - or is that old news?
  4. An Ocelot and a spare Womble will also come in handy

    Take an Aga as well, the rest of the lads will love you for getting their scran nice and hot in the field.
  5. Turn up in patched and darned battledress (Blackbush market), KF shirt, DMS boots and putties to the knee. Then tell em your QM is a right cu'nt. At least that will be believed by all!
  6. my mate went through his training with loads of gucci kit and got absoulty beasted.

    but it proberly made him fitter, i guess.

    a silver lining to every cloud.
  7. I took a big inflatable mallet, an apple for the Tp Leader, my own Guilly suit, decorated for use in a pickle factory and a minor bird, primed to shout 'Fanny' when anyone came within 4 ft of me
  8. Under age was she?
  9. Aren't they all?

    You'll get Stella kicking off on here too, just because I wasn't the 'bald schoolgirl' he was expecting