The real Shameless family - 3 generations all on benefits

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_boy_syrup, Mar 22, 2008.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Meet the families where no one's worked for THREE generations - and they don't care

    Known as the "Shameless" family among horrified neighbours, the McFaddens "boast" three generations of adults who are not working.

    All ten members of the clan share a council house and live off benefits amounting to around £32,000 a year. And very happy they are, too.

    "The only problem is," she says without a hint of irony, "that we're living in a three-bedroom council house, which is ridiculous.

    "I'm asking the council for a ten-bedroom home for all of us. We need more space. It's awful sometimes when all the children are squabbling. Still, we do have a big TV with Sky, but we need some relaxation."

    Sue herself is defiant. "People don't understand how hard it is to keep a family like this going - no wonder we can't work. How could I go out to work with all these children at home?

    "We get about £2,700 a month in benefits, from income support to disability allowance, and child benefit for the kids. Kyle is at college and he gets the Education Maintenance Allowance of £30 a week, and we get Housing Benefit, too. Our rent is £40 a week, so our benefits don't go far."

    Local people call us scroungers and that is so unfair. We need the money to keep the family going.

    I've stuck it the Naffi because I'm sure there will be som choice words

    £32k a year for feck all - nice work if you can get it
    Bet you the house is ful of play stations and they all smoke and like a good drink
  2. Easier to get rid of them if they're all concentrated in one building.
  3. I want the address?? Give me the fcuking address......
  4. 32k a year for doing feck all, stop all benefits and make them work doing some community cleaning or whatever. Couple of years time kids will probably be on drugs and breeding like the cockroaches they are, no inclination to work. And so the cycle of scumbags and chavs goes on and on. Och, feck this shi'ite, save money, just lock their doors and burn the house down, will be cheaper in the long run.
  5. [​IMG]

    now I know what it looks like, who has some?
  7. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I lost my job 2 weeks ago after 20 odd years employment,both in the RAF & civvie jobs.Because I was in constant work,all I'll get is £59.00 per week plus my housing benefit,around £48.00 per week.( that I dont see)
    Out of that £59.00 I still have to pay all my other bills.
    Spongers like these grip my sh1te!You work nearly all your life & get pittence while this lot get the pot of gold!
  8. Brilliant I have worked for 15 years and only earn three grand more.
    Fantastic Welfare System we have in this country.

    Think Im might just jack it all in, I can handle the pay drop.
  9. Trouble is, it is this great band of unwashed along with the rest of the benefit scroungers, who vote labour in each time. They dont want to work for a living. The problem now is that none of the other parties will put their heads above the parapet and take on this bunch of wasters and GET THEM BACK TO F***ING WORK

    I wish I could afford Sky, a big TV, a holiday and I work !!!!!

    Makes my blood boil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Can I be you chief architect?
    I have already designed some new gates for your 'Labour exchange'
    Rest of details to follow once I have finished layout,heating etc

  11. By god I'd sweat them!!!!!

    This lot have just hit the outrage button, and I'm on Red right now.

    What a bunch of arrogant, lazy and fcuking spongeing t0ssers. Not to mention all the Oxygen they are stealling.

    10 bedroom fcuking house? Yeah, love. You can have one, when you pay the full fcuking price for one you worthless pile of human parts.

    Take the kids in to care, and teach 'em the value of a proper days graft.

    Sponging t0ssers.
  12. Just around the corner from you:

    Living on the Chatsworth Estate, he heads a family of dysfunctional teenagers living on an estate of benefit claimants and cheats.

    The McFaddens bear an uncanny resemblance. Grandmother Sue is divorced and has three daughters, Theresa, 34, Debbie, 32, and Tammy, 24. None of the adults living in the house in Ellesmere Port, near Chester, has a job, and there are also six grandchildren living at home - Kyle, 18, Clayton , 12, Tyler, nine, Courtney, eight, Jodie, seven, and Lucas, six.

  13. I want the actual door number. All well and good just giving me the town but I dont want to cause too much damage. :wink:

    After all, a Daragonov has a fairly limited field of view.
  14. Now, now. I'm sure benefit fraud takes a certain amount of effort, form filling, lying and so on...