The Real Sex in the City

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by woopert, Jan 2, 2003.

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  1. I don't know if anyone saw this nutse on Ch4 this evening, but it really does not paint a good picture on American women.

    Basically if you want to date a New York woman be prepared to endure an interview to determine the following:

    How big your place is:
    How much you earn:
    What designer labels you wear:
    What car you drive:
    What your inheritance is likely to be:
    What your career prospects are like:

    Oh, and if you think that dates could be relaxed, think again. The rules MUST be followed, and in fact 2 books have been written which have almost become "law" for dating and trangressing them will entail never being dated again. Oh, and you have to be "driven" and "hungry".

    Basically, no wonder Americans are a bit like the RAF, they think they are God's gift to the world and yet they just don't realise how much contempt the rest of us have for them.  

    I don't know about the rest of you but I prefer the tried and trusted British methods of getting utterly w@nkered and wake up naked next to someone and not know who she is. Bump into her again at the same pu/club as the last time, get w@nkered and wake up with her again. Eventually, through a process of osmosis, this becomes a relationship.
  2. Is that so, then perhaps, we, ladies should start writing our own british 'law' books. and we would insist that you  must be  "solid" and  "long lasting" or you'll never be w@nkered again.

    Taps her foot with hands on hips..
  3. I also watched most of the Sex in the City programmes last night (except for the overlap with Billy Elliot - what a top film).

    I have to confess to finding the New York (and I'm pretty sure it's a NY thing, not an American thing - any yanks out there confirm this?) Dating Method fairly incredible! Particularly daunting for a man!! But then, what about The Rules Woopert? That semed to be the diametric opposite of The Law!!

    How would you feel about the women who insist that you play the gentleman through to arranging all the dates, PAYING for all the dates etc etc?!

    As for the realtionship-by-osmosis-through-drunken-shagging.........................errrm, no, I don't think so......been there, done that and it didn't end up with happy ever after!

    Incidentally, being a Man of the World, which one is your favourite Sex in the City girl, and why?!
  4. the women of new York weren't like that after the Gulf parade in 91 ;D

    I like the Dark haired one but, dare i say it, would like to inject her with the Gingers sense of humour. The tall skinny one is pants and Kim CAtterall makes me puke, but she does let you mine for marmite ;D
  5. Just had to pick myself up off the floor (and no, I'm not getting back on it, before you tell me to MDN!!!) - you said something nice about a copper top!!!

    I watched her last night and began to feel slightly uncomfortable - there was just too much of her like me - except I don't earn a lawyer's salary..... :-/

    I liked the sailor Carrie ended up dancing with though......think I would have taken him to Louisiana and back without leaving New York.....
  6. This New York dating thing is a load of balls.  Have read into this, and there is many unattached women over the water who stick to these ridiculous rituals to find a perfect man.  Only problem is, to find a man this perfect is few and far between.  Hence there are many unattached women, who will soon become unattached old women.  

    Prodigal, liked your entry.  May I be as so bold to say you must have been with some right toss pots.  I never expect a woman to pay for anything on the first night out, and nor do I except anything in return.  I'll even arrange the night and then ask my date if she is happy with what I've arranged (no point in just going somewhere I just like).  If the woman wants to contribute to the night, then that's okay by me.  

    Woopert, nothing wrong with your style, and yeah, I've woke up in the morning next to someone and thought 'who the feek are you'.  But does this get anyone anywhere in the long term dating game?  Has anyone on this site ever copped off on the first night and lived 'happily ever after'?

    I have a mate in the RAF.  His ideal woman MUST NOT be a smoker, hence he won't date a smoker.  He's been on his own now since '93.  Sad, and all because of his ideals.  And I bet the woman of his dreams has come and gone because of this one ridiculous clause.

    So, my thoughts are, if you set your standards high in the dating game, you'll never reach them.  Don't you think it's nice just to let nature take its course and just see how the relationship develops?
  7. Gunny, you have just confirmed my suspicions of you as being a perfect gentleman.........what a pity the M6 stands between us.......... ;) and yes, I have been out with some real tossers......

    It has to be said, according to the programmes last night, the women of New York seem to assume some extreme positions to get their men (both literally and figuratively) - I suspect this is the case for the wealthy, ambitious and driven female - I bet your average Jane Doe doesn't do anything so ludicrous.

    Have any of you chaps out there experience
  8. Gunny a gentleman

    George dubya an Oxford Graduate

    Hitler a campaigner for world peace

    Myra Hindley Kindergarten of the year award winner
  9. Prodigal,

    I'm far from being perfect.  I've had my bad side when it comes to being in a relationship.  I've learnt the hard way that life doesn't revolve around me, me, me.... and that there's two in a relationship.  I’m man enough to admit I still burp, fart, get brewers droop, can't sing, pick stupid birthday and Christmas presents, etc, etc, all the things you ladies don't like, but above all, I (think) I know how to conduct myself in a serious relationship.   The 'bloke' culture is still thriving here in Manchester, and that's why, I think, there's always 100's of single men out on a Saturday night, doing just that, trying to be a bloke, and getting now where, only to go home alone at the end of the night to slam their d**ks in the fridge door.  What ever happened to romance?
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  10. Top quote Woopert old boy :)
  11. MDN, stop being mean..

    Gunny, you can be all those 'blokey' things and still be a gentleman in my eyes - yes, what did happen to romance?

    I meant to say in my last post (before my computer went bananas), have any of you men out there experienced a woman who's made it blatantly obvious she wanted to check out your bank balance, pension, size of apartment etc, or a woman who has expected you to pay for her dates, arrange her life and so on in exchange for being 'the little woman'?

    Do men generally find it difficult to have the ability to be romantic, when appropriate (OK, much of the time!) and also be practical and be able to deal with the more mundane aspects of life?

    And what are The Great Turn Ons and the Great Turn Offs for you men?!
  12. My view is that it is impossible to be relaxed and therefore be yourself on a date if it is conducted as an interview.

    Toby Young (British journo type who lives in NY) was recounting a date he had with a woman that was conducted like an interview.He relayed this story which horrified me as he recalled that the day before he had lost his watch and so he had bought a cheapo $10 replacement. When the date saw his watch she took it to mean that he wasn't up to her standard and just got up and left.

    Well I wouldn't mind so long as I didn't feel it was my obligation, that is neither gentlemanly nor generous as the gesture surely is in the giving, not the expectation. It also, to my mind, says that the date expects to be "kept" and if she wouldn't consider taking me out on occasion or wouldn't see me again if that were the case then I wouldn't want to be with someone who is that self centred.

    In reality never done it. I've never had a meaningless one-night stand and am not ashamed to admit it.

    No because I avoid people like that like the plague.

    Just get naked!

    The married posh bit (is that Charlotte? never really watch the programme)
  13. The Rules I was alluding to Woopert, is a book published last year by a couple of American women, about how to 'find a man'. Basically, it consists of about 20 odd rules (I haven't read the book), including making sure he pays for the dates, he arranges them, you agree with everything he says, don't sleep with him until at least the 4th date, let him make all the decisions etc etc. It's basically about being completely non-threatening and going back to the 'traditional' view of the male/female relationship.

    The opposite is the 'date by interview' and the story that you described, of the $10 watch incident.

    Talking about your 'get naked' advice, what about the 33 year old guy who didn't want sex with the gorgeous 28 yearold in the morning, that he'd just spent the night with because 'he didn't feel it was right'............. :p

    I've never had a 'meaningless' one night stand either, but I have had early courting that seemed to consist of a large degree of drunken rolling around under the sheets........when I was younger I might add.... ;) but it didn't lead to anything significant, as Gunny himself alluded to.

    You're the second man who preferred the dark haired married one, how very interesting - why her, and not the others?
  14. Prodigal

    You ask about turn offs & turn ons

    I get aroused when a young lady rubs luke warm lard into her breasts

    I get turned off when a lady is to idle to get out of bed to take a dump
  15. Clearly a raging quiche-eater and prime candidate for selection as a Gazelle pilot.

    If it had been me, I would have dug out my mining helmet, but that's just me and far be it for me to sugest what other men should do.

    She's the best of a bad bunch. Kim Catterall is past her prime, I don't like skinny women with short ginger butch-dyke hairstyles or women named Sarah Jessica Parker.

    You are a sick, sick bunny and you scare me. Are we going to find chopped up bodies in your flat too I wonder?