The real reason Germany never conquered the UK...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spanish_Dave, Mar 7, 2009.

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  1. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

  2. Classic stuff! Very funny indeed!
  3. Would have loved to have seen the "risk assesment" in the EASP for some of that!
  4. reminds me of some of the tosspots on my first assault course, Brilliant.
  5. Damn. I got all excited at the prospect of "German Watersports".
  6. The comments on that thread are good:

    RedPhos for MEP, I say.
  7. Ha ha ha, REME tiffy selection Bundeswehr stylee. Nice one.
  8. Brilliant stuff, am getting some strange looks from the people in my office as I am pi$$ing myself.
  9. Classic- takes me back to a certain leadership course
  10. Bummer, it took absolutely ages to load and then all I got was a blank black screen. Probably something to do with our fun police. I'll have wait until I get home to watch it.
  11. Thanks for sharing! :D
  12. I haven't laughed at germans getting soaked since Its a Knockout was taken off of our screens.
    If you have any more links like that please share.
  13. I know RedPhos, funny chap he is.
  14. because the cnuts can't count their rounds properly.

  15. Superb, my personal favourie 1min 53 seconds, our intrepid haupfman spiderman, not content with soaking himself brings his friends in as well!!