the real reason crab airs transport fleet is so useless

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Dec 21, 2010.

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  1. years ago the motely collection of vc10 tristars gypsy moths and whatever passed beyonbd servicability even by the miracle workers of crab air.
    So somebody in crab air made a pact with the dark gods to use black magic to keep the VC10s and tristars flying.

    unfortauntly the nearest town is swindon so finding virgin sacrifices acceptable to the dark gods is quite tricky and not likely to get any easier any time soon
  2. Was it the dark gods?? Or the Emperor Mong...
  3. I thought it was useless because it was run by an unholy alliance of crabs and movers?
  4. Maintenance performed by the Railway Museum??
  5. I was on a dc-10 back from Afghan last week and im sure (could of been tiredness) i saw a c-130 minus wings sat on the pan at Brize next to the other taxi'd civvy planes =/ anyone else seen this?
  6. Training aid for the RAF Movers school at Brize.

  7. How nice of the aircrew to donate it after they trashed it by landing with the wheels up!
  8. Remember flying from Brize early '75 and half the Hercys were parked up with brewers droop of the wings,being weight tested for metal fatigue.Not best impressed as we were flying to Cyprus & beyond!
  9. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I think you are being unfair for once, the RAF are keeping historic relics in the air pretending to be modern airliners. Can you imagine the Army managing with Sherman tanks or 432's, doh.

    At least Bulldogs have had money spent on them.

  10. Coming in for a landing at Seattle, Washington some years back I looked out the window to find the source of huge fucking clouds of black smoke. They were coming from the blazing fuselage of a huge jet ont he ground. Instantly I realized there were no wings and later found it was a training drill for the crash crews. Had only just been lit off and the tenders hadn't arrived yet.

    Thanks, aircrew, for giving us a heads up on that.
  11. Who told you that?

    Remember that C130 that came down without wheels a few months ago....

    Dispatch wing have a mock up in a hanger already im sure, im not sure what the damage was, but turning one of the K's into a training aid cant be worth the money?
  12. Think I read it on Pprune, I don't think it's XV304 though as the last I read it was Cat 3 and repairable; it was also a bit special so would have been sorely missed. The RAF movers already have a VC-10 training aid in their hangar.