the Real Olympics

small sidebar to the raging news on Beijing Olympics... seems that the show, only 5 days in, has issued 100,000 condums to the athletes..

At Sydney, they ' exhausted' a supply of 70,000 and at Salt Lake city they handed out 100,000 [ they had 230,000 on hand but the Mormons and other religious groups protested the unseemlyness of the matter ] Athens went through 130,000

My bet is that 100,000 won't be enough for the boys and girls in China...all those buff bods and taut hotties..more moves in the dorms than on the playing fields... wonder who gets the Gold Medal for them efforts..??
Well, there's a reason why there's 1.3 Billion of 'em, you know. I'm surprised the visiting athletes make it to the breakfast table each day.

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