The Real NAAFI

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Ciggie, Jan 13, 2011.

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  1. How would you describe it ? Animal Planet ? Maccy D with slammers ?
  2. Auld-Yin

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  3. If you have ever been to a NAAFI bar, you wouldn't to have to ask.
  4. (time frame all late 80's/early 90's)
    QEMH - fairly calm during the week, turned into a wannabe Hacienda at the weekends and certainly lived up to the 5-to-1 tag. Hi-jinks and merriment ended up on page 5 of the Sun...
    Gaza Bks - never ventured in there after dark, was bad enough during naafi breaks!
    Harden Bks (DKMH) - just like the being down the neighbourhood pub, bit boring really! The DJ for the bops was a big fan of House music and S'Express in particular.
    BMH Rinteln - bit of a 50's nightclub feel, probably helped by Danny from A&SH propped up by the bar crooning Dean Martin songs.
    Claro Bks - only went in there the once (by that point was a "wife of"), the sight of sappers standing on the pool tables lighting each others farts once was enough.
  5. Some skinny burd sat in the corner, just watching for the fight.
    (looks at Grey)

    Let's go.
  6. My money's on the short stumpy guy glaring at the bottom of his pint glass. The bloke laughing behind him is going bump into him and bang, it's on.

    Can we stay til the first glass is thrown?
  7. Snail, I thought It might have been picking up gruff wimmen who only know scissors and turning them on to drinking g & t and the Daily Torygraph crossie at brekkie-time....... only way to start...etc.
  8. So you missed the bus??
  9. Generalising but; always has that sweet/sour/stale odour caused by generations of spilt beer, body odour, bleach and cheap air freshener. Very dark so that you don't notice the poor state of repair, torn carpets, cheap battered furniture, cigarette burns etc. Most of the ones that I have been in wouldn't have looked out of place in bladerunner.

    Generally when open has a vague air of desperation and undefined menace. Anyone with half a life is down town drinking decent beer and meeting women who retain some vestige of humanity. This is the refuge of the serious drinker, the short on readies or been banned from everywhere civilised down town.
  10. Precedence was set for all NAAFI bars by the Roundabout club in Aldershot. If god wanted to give the world an enema that's where he'd stick the tube, what a wonderful place!!!!!!!
  11. Naafi's in crap transit camps pre-tour. Always a tinder-box of inter-Corps/Regimental rivalry that has a very sinister and predictable outcome.

    Everyone's been on one and I'm sure it makes for a better tour if you've beaten the shite out of each other before deployment.
  12. Yes, sadly was wedded by then so was only allowed in the Naafi bar when as duty clerk I had to stay on camp overnight. Hubby kept me on a very short leash for reasons we won't go into...

  13. SO tell us more about this leash and any other impliments that were used, and piccies as usual *cough* purely for research purposes of course
  14. Funnily enough, we started seeing each other after a drunken night in the Naafi bar at Worthy Down tieing me up with electric flex!

    Clearly, some Naafi bars are much more fun than others... :winkrazz:

  15. Ooooooh nurse, where are my meds :)