The Real Hustle

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Danny_Dravot, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. The Real Hustle, BBC, is it just a con?

    I may have missed a trick here and this may have been done before, if so, then i am a dunce...but...

    just watching it now, particularly the hustles they do on the general public, namely, the hidden cameras....they seem to always have 5 or 6 different camera angles, the quality is always studio quality....i've even seen the same sets used before....erm i mean seen hustles in the same 'hotel'!

    And, 'Stanstead' airport seemed very quiet indeed for the scam they pulled tonight....almost as if they'd cordoned off an area for filming!

    does it say anywhere on the prog (or their website) that its only for entertainment purposes, or have i discovered another TV scam, do i win a teddy?
  2. Apparently.................
    Further info...

    The participants featured in
    The Real Hustle have either been set up by their family and friends or believe that they are taking part in a different type of programme.

    After they have been hustled for real, any monies or property taken during the hustle are returned to them and their consent for the item to be broadcast is obtained so that viewers can avoid being ripped off by the same scam.
  3. Remember, self-awareness is a good thing Goon!
  4. from their website???

    Sangreal....careful...i'm watching you ...
  5. Also notice how some of the 'marks' after they've been conned seem very content to spill the beans to a convenient placed camera crew - definitely somethig fishy going on there.

    That 60 Minute Makeover programme, which Mrs Taz_786 is rather fond of, is another one. There's no way in hell a bunch of strangers can just stroll into your house and renovate it all in under an hour and take a break halfway through!

    Yet you've got that big-titted presenter standing there with a stopwatch and a whistle which she blows and everyone's just finished in time...what a load of crap.
  6. the blonde bird has got her norks out in playboy, reason enough to watch