The REAL griff on Shrivenham

Discussion in 'Staff College and Staff Officers' started by Forever_Brunswick_Green, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. OK folks, the big day is drawing near and the 5A virgins are flapping, cramming (or not), or whatever they do in the last weeks...where are the good pubs, restaurants and other sources of quality R&R around Shrivenham?
  2. 5A Virgin? Is that an airline seat?
  3. If it is I want my fuel surcharge back!
  4. The Fat Dog is massively overrated and overpriced. However it is very popular for syndicate nights out because it provides a courtesy minibus (which is often unavailable on the night that you have booked it). Try the Woodman in Fernham. About the same distance from DefAc but much better food and better prices.
  5. Seconded WHF. The Curry place in the village is top notch and they are more than used to dealing with large groups of 'excitable' young Majors!!

    Oxford is not too far away for a syndicate night out, take your pick from any number of top eateries there!
  6. The lamb shank in the woodman used to be a bit of a man-test! Great value and better ales than the overpriced fat dog
  7. Nice Japanese restaurant in stratton st margaret - Mt Fuji, and yes, if you think there's a lot of hondas in the car park, it does have something to do with the big Honda factory down the road. Does a great japanese buffet on sundays.

    Herbs in Faringdon was pretty good, and didn't believe in closing if the booze and conversation was flowing. POW in the village does great chili and rice.

    Only thing - that security fence - clearly map drawn by an idiot - got to get through 3? gates in order to go for a beer in the village, lest you try the unlit footpath down the main road.

    Stay away from the Barrington Arms, unless you are looking for a bit of bother - darts tend to stop mid air, music slows to a halt......
  8. When did The Woodman re-open?

    As I remember it (some time ago!), the place closed after the Landlord drank himself to death...

    The POW is always a reliable favourite, and has been stated, does excellent chilli/nachos.
  9. I think the Woodman re-opened a couple of years back - obviously with new management. Good beers and great food. POW, as always - best pub in the village.
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Definitely The Woodman! Polish waitresses, gargantuan portions of top class grub and real ales too! I used to take my spaniel in there and the landlords used to let him have free roam of the place. Unfortunately, he used to end up behind the bar drinking the remnants of ale from the brass drip trays. They didn't mind but a real ale farting dog wasn't massively pleasant during the night in a tiny room in Roberts Hall. Nice!

    Anyway, they have a big room out back where you can easily fit two syndicates in and they are well used to braying Majors kicking the arse out of their wine cellar. Would go back there without any hesitation.
  11. There’s a Thai restaurant in Faringdon (Bangkok Kitchen) which serves up excellent food. It’s in the old Post Office (which is a bit weird) but the food is top-notch. Plenty of space for a syndicate night out.
  12. Thanks folks (esp David, whoops, sorry, General Malaise), I shall be sampling these hostelries (and God willing the Polish waitresses) in the coming weeks...
  13. If you're after getting the posh bint to lie back and enjoy it, take her to Fallowfields on the A420 towards Oxford:


    Expensive, but great food, hawks in cages out the back, 'dead romantic'...

    If you want the fossils to feel wined and dined, in order to get them to pay off the debts incurred at Fallowfields, the Trout at Wolvercote (seen in the Inspector Morse series) is a fun 'ye olde' (but not too up its own arrse) place - the peacocks will nick your food if you're not careful. Only problem is the number of pompous Oxford Don types who strut around with their noses in the air - push one in the river/weir and feel good:

    The Trout

    Nasty food, but a great setting: The Swan at Radcot has a Garden and moorings on the Thames, just north of Faringdon: great base to do some nice wlks along the river.

    The Swan
  14. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    For an unusual night out try here

    Lovely staff, you hire the whole place for the night and we had a cracking night with 20 Bootnecks and 2 of us Navy. For reasons I can't remember we found a dressing up box and before you could say "Both watches of the warfare department" we were in dresses fighting. Normal night to be honest.
  15. can't believe nobody's mentioned two-fers (AKA the college farm)

    rubbish food, bad beer (normally run out of at least 2 types), surly staff, sticky tables...but at least its only a 1 min walk from the patch and the main gate...