The real "enemy within..."

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by lanky, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. The media is full of stories depicting Muslims as the enemy within, but I think they have missed something.

    Right now the Army is involved in heavy fighting in Afghanistan, and you can bet that the Taliban/drug warlords etc are raising money from poppy growing, "taxation" or protection etc.

    While I write this, there are large numbers of Brits sending large sums of money to these terrorists.

    Who am I talking about? Muslims? No. I am talking about white, British people who are heroin addicts.

    Why aren't these terrorist supporters tarred with the same brush? Is it that many of the media "luvies" are drug users themselves?

    Time for a police crackdown on the users do you think?
  2. Hmm well the US Right are always making the point that dependancy on oil helps fund terror so I can sort of see your point.

    In fact this could be used in an effective anti-drugs campaign.

    I can just picture a poster with the slogan:

    "Shooting up leads to British soldiers being shot"

    Now that would be damned effective!

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  3. With you all the way until the last two sentences. The drug of choice in the media is unlikely to be herion, its more likely to be cocaine or possibly speed.
    Would a police crackdown on users or even dealers really work? I don't think it would. Users being users and therefore only carrying small amounts of class A might not even get a custodial sentence. If large numbers of dealers are put out of circulation the price of herion will rocket and that means bigger profits for the Taliban. In addition car crimes and breaking into houses will go up in order to pay for the more expensive drugs. Through my work I have in recent years been to the inner city areas of a large northern town and honestly its staggering to see the conditions people live in, its no wonder there is a drug problem. There are large numbers of young people who seem to live a totally different life to most of us. Getting a job or having a career never enters their minds. I honestly do not know what the answer is although tackling the social problems will need to be high up the list, because if its not then anything else that might be tried just won't work.
  4. Drug Dealing Is Treason.
  5. I know some heroin addicts and they personally care not a jot where they get it from.

    I would call them casualties of war especially when said people supplying such a thing that damages a society as it has ours come from an Islamic country(where it is banned)?
  6. I totally agree with everything that's been said on this post.

    I don't understand how the hippy love-chicks can claim to love the Third World and all things green and trendy and then snort stuff up the nose whose production has seen kids being murdered by death squads on the streets of Bogota. That's not "fair trade" is it?
  7. How lovely (I don't think) to see another person "facing facts" and "drawing a hard line"! Ha, ha, dee-fückin'-ha!!

    You obviously get your knowledge from the popular press but in actual fact you know jack-fückin'-shite about the subject.

    All you see is the (about) ten-to fifteen percent of junkies hanging around the alleys and think that if you get rid of them, then problem's solved.

    What you don't see is the vast majority of very influential junkies, comprising toffs, all sorts of artistists, judges, briefs, MPs, top managers, department heads etc, who only jag to hang when they're in the safety of their own four walls, but otherwise are "fit" to function..

    As long as they have a say (and they have!), you can forget about any real "pogroms" against junkies. Get real, FFS!

    Sorry to disappoint and all that!!!

  8. They might be functioning well at the moment, but give the time and they will probably be on the streets. Many of the homeless junkies once had good jobs etc.

    About the social problems causing drug use, are you sure it is not the other way round? Are they living in shit conditions because all their cash goes on drugs, linked with a drug induced lask of desire to better their status?

    My point is why bother going for the dealers, who are hard to get at? Go for the users. Boost penalties for possession as most users are also small time dealers. The police should go for the easy targets in order to dry up the demand, and you then dry up the supply.
  9. It's a very good point, but smack dealers are moral imbeciles, and smackheads couldn't care less if their next fix came from Afghanistan or Betelgeuse's fifth planet.
  10. You cannot un-invent heroin.
    There will always be a demand.
    Typical response that has got the war on drugs knowhere.
  11. Chortle chortle duly noted, for next time I bump into Miranda / Penelope / Camilla!
  12. Can the poppies be grown in the UK?

    Government run poppy farms, and heroin production could be the way forward. Heroin could then be sold to addicts for much less than the dealers sell it now (obviously under stringent control).

    Drug dealers would find that they had no market.

    Addicts wouldn't have to commit burglary and suchlike to support their habit.

    Crime would fall.

    Addicts could have a better chance of leading a normal life.

    Jobs would be created.

    All revenue generated would stay in the UK, and wouldn't support crime or terrorism abroad.

    Though a tad controversial, it could work. What do you think?
  13. Right lets play 'Devils Advocate' here, the comments so far are about as usefull as our MPs fight against drugs. It hasnt worked and still yuff of the nation go out get smashed take a couple of pills/coke/smak whatever.

    You cannot win this 'war' with prohibtion! It will not work, it hasnt worked for 50 years!

    If you have an addict give them Herion (home grown), not methadone (the slow death, its more toxic than the drug itself!)

    Most Dope/Hash/Gange etc is now grown here or in europe, well the EU has one harmonisation that works accross boarders?

    If de-crimalise the harder substance's then part of the 'risk' enjoyment for people starting to experiment is reduced, the funs gone, not the half cocked dope de-crim which is still supplied by the same people who supplied it before?

    If you want to blow your brains out with some smak, here u go on the NHS my son, now go away and do what u want. If you want help all that can be done will be!

    This is not going to be popular and no spineless politian is going to run with it, but until we try somthing different then your children and their children will continue to die if we keep on this path!

    So are you then going to arrest all the drunks?
  14. Guerilla growers already grow acclimatised Weed in the rape fields round my way.

    Im sure that any heroin field would soon, get spotted by crims and done over by a bloke in a rogue combine one night.
  15. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    America's war on 'Drugs' has been pretty much a failure so far. It is still going in American cities, South America and Afganistan, as well; however. I think it is not a winnable situation/war.

    What is the answer to the world's drug problems? I have no fcking idea! :evil: