The Real Dad's Army - Now available on Youtube


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I'm sure I've brought it up a few times - great programme btw.

The second in the series where Francis Pryor investigates the fortifications that litter the UK was an eye-opener and a fascinating lok at Defence-in Depth.

Good call there Ex-Stab.
Yes, it's very enlightening. The fact that the Home guard would have formed the mainstay of the British Resistance should the unthinkable have happened, is not well known.
Sadly the remaining coastal and stop line defences are disappearing all over the place, mainly due to development. The Pillbox Study group is dedicated to stemming the flow and saving some of our history. Loads of pictures and details of the remaining defences from WW2 that are still hidden away in the countryside. The website is bloody awful on the eye but the information contained within is well worth a look for anyone with even a passing interest in their local WW2 history.

Pillbox Study Group
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