The real conspiracy behind 9/11

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armchair_jihad, Sep 2, 2006.

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  1. Assorted parts from Martin Amis (an noted novelist) take on AQ etc.

    Asked in a recent survey to explain their presence in Iraq, 85 per cent of American soldiers said that the “main mission” was “to retaliate for Saddam’s role” in the September 11 attacks.

    About two thirds of American civilians, it’s true, share that misapprehension; but it is implausible that frontline troops are so incuriously risking their lives.

    This near-consensus on the question cannot be due to ignorance. It comes from the same wishfulness that fortifies the majority belief among Muslims that September 11 was the work of Mossad.

    Although few Americans think that the Israelis did it, nearly half (42 per cent) think that the Americans did. This means that the average American is more distrustful of Washington than the average Pakistani (in Pakistan a mere 41 per cent consider that the attacks were not carried out by Arab terrorists — as against 59 per cent of Turks and Egyptians and 65 per cent of Indonesians).

    American sceptics hold that the collapse of the twin towers was caused by expert demolition. They hold that the explosion at the Pentagon was consistent, not with a crashed 757 but with a cruise missile. In other words, Washington wounded itself.

    Physically, that is. At the time of his Declaration of War against America (1996), bin Laden was mouldering in a cave in Tora Bora — stateless, penniless, and half-starved. His achievements were a matter of myth, of fabulation; he was a funk-ridden and incompetent ex-jihadi (a mere pepperer of the Red Army); and he was a serial business flop.

    In short, he was a terrorist financier who had run out of cash, and was now entirely at the mercy of the local Islamist power, the village-idiot vigilantes known as the Taleban.

    Of the 66 US cruise missiles fired at camps around Khost in Afghanistan, a number failed to detonate. According to Wright (his source is Russian Intelligence), “bin Laden sold the unexploded missiles to China for $10 million”.

    Expert opinion in the West is now largely persuaded that al-Qaeda is more or less finished. The “base” — justly so called in the adjectival sense — has become, we hear, “a state of mind”. And what is that state of mind?One convinced that it is possible simultaneously to be a random mass murderer and a good Muslim.

    A death-brimmed bog of paranoia and credulity, it is the state of mind of the armed fabulist. The conspiracy detected here is the infidel campaign to obliterate the faith. It all began with the retreat of the Turkish armies from Vienna and the confirmation of Islamic decline: the year was 1683 and the day was September 11.

    Item in Full,,923-2337188_2,00.html

  2. How many people reading this realise that another building called World Trade Center 7 collapsed about 7 hours after the second twin tower, and that no plane crashed into it?

    Controlled demolition film here....

  3. Frenchperson, get down to asda as tinfoil is on special and they are giving away free hat patterns. Freak
  4. Im fcuking sick to death with all this conspiracy shite.
  5. Sixty

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    I've got my tinfoil hat on, hip hip hip hooray
    My tinfoil hat will shield me from your mind controlling ray
    I've got my tinfoil hat on, to insulate my brain
    As long as I have got my tinfoil hat on I'll be sane

  6. "The real conspiracy behind 9/11
    Martin Amis examines the horrific coincidences that enabled Osama bin Laden’s progress from down-and-out cave dweller to the chief symbol of Islamist terrorism

    THE LOOMING TOWER Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11
    by Lawrence Wright
    Allen Lane, £20; 470pp"

    you could have made it clearer that this is a book review - NOT Martin Amis writing on the psyche of the terrorists.......
  7. Frenchperson, do you have a tinfoil hat on right now.

    What planet are you on, demolition indeed.
  8. The video has controlled demolition written all over it. A concrete / steel reinforced building doesn't collapse so uniformly - particularly when there's been little or no preceding damage. Full stop.
  9. And your some sort of expert are you. Freak off you freaking freak

    did I mention you are a freak
  10. It's been done to death


    The unqualified know all conspiracy theorists come out the wood work and joust with the qualified know all conservatives. It is pointless using logic and engineering with consiracy theorists (the demolition/Global Hawk camp). They know best because a bloke on the internet said........

    Not the full shilling some of them. Barking.
  11. Frenchperson,

    I have a gift for you!!!


  12. Unsurprisingly, the link didn't work
  13. Wish you fecking would - gimp
  14. Is there anybody out there with the courage to stick their heads above the parapet and ask questions? Rather than huddle below it and snipe or deride

  15. Yeah, here's a question - what the fuc4 are you on about?
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