the real BP disaster

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jemadarjo, Jun 24, 2010.

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  1. not 12 dead american rig workers and a bit of dirty oil in the sea but 15,000 dead men women and children murdered by american buisness incompetance.
    and the reaction from america, run and hide, leave the mess for others to clean up,
    Well lets hope the oil keeps pumping out of the ground and america gets some of the 5hit back it truly deserves.
  2. Ever heard the phrase 2 wrongs dont make a right. An environmental disaster in America may not be of immediate concern to us but it ceratinly doesn't do us, or the poeple of Bhopal any good.
  3. So you've actually started a thread on this forum just so you can post something as dull, uninteresting and insanely stupid as that?

    This is the Arrse Current Affairs forum not a fecking toilet wall to be scribbled on you drooling knob, have some respect or feck off.
  4. Why all the outrage and why the surprise? The US started a war in SE Asia because of some theory called the Domino Effect. Over a million Vietnamese died during that war and the US just ups sticks and buggers off when it becomes apparent that they have bitten off more than they can chew. About 120,00 people have been killed or injured in Vietnam since the end of that war by UXO and landmines. They also bombed a small defenceless country called Laos incessantly, round the clock for six years and hoped to keep it a secret. Having supported the wrong side in the Iran - Iraq war and indirectly and directly caused a couple of million deaths, they then invent something called WMD so that they can invade Iraq and cause even more deaths and destruction. I don't see the US putting billions of dollars into a bank account to repair the damage they caused and are still causing in Vietnam and Laos any time soon. But a bit of spilt oil near the US coast line has Obama squealing like a stuck pig.
  5. Excellent post.

    Hypocrisy, thy name is America.
  6. Does any of Obama's ranting about "British" Petroleum (BP has not been "British" for some time now) and a desire to "Kick But" have any base in the fact that his Grandad was a Kenyan Mau Mau (I think thats how it's spelt) terrorist in the 1950's and was hung for his offences by the UK colonial government?
  7. Do not confuse them with facts.
  8. For as long as people have been mucking around with mining, making chemicals, or pumping oil out of the ground they've been leaving mess behind. All these industries have always had a really rubbish reputation for H&S. And it's not just US or Western owned overseas operations. For truly scary industrial practices, I'd recommend looking at China, Russia and India. They're quite capable of blowing themselves up without Western capitalist help, thank you very much.

    BP has been unlucky in firstly, the scale of the incident, and secondly, that it happened in US waters. I suspect many of it's competitors are saying quietly 'There, but for the grace of God, go us'.

    The CEO did not come across well at the Committee meeting, but I'd guess that the corporate lawyers had told him to be very careful what he said due to the blizzard of 'sub judice' lawsuits already flying. (It didn't help that some of the Committee came across as thick as mince.)

    Had this gone off in, say, the Nigerian oil fields, the whole thing would have been off the newspapers in a week. Out of sight, out of mind. Far more people get killed from 'bunkering' oil theft explosions than died on the Deepwater Horizon, and the whole river basin is a toxic dump, but it's not in US territory is it?

    It's turned into a big convenient stick to batter the oil industry with and generate some political credit for Obama, who has failed to live up to expectations. (Although, to be fair, he would have had to walk on water and raise the dead to live up to his advance publicity.)

    Edit: This article here puts the BP spill in context.
    It's big, and will quite possibly exceed any previous spill by the time its capped, but there are much older, and horrible messes around, and no-one's calling Congress on them.
  9. I can't believe what I'm reading here. Might some kind chaps here enlighten me, and correct some apparent revisionist history? It seems as though France has been removed from the SE Asia equation. Was that intentional, or due strictly to ignorance? Now, the US has hardly been perfect on the world stage. But why should we be, when we had the British Empire to learn from. You set the example. You want to talk about Bhopal, SE Asia, Iraq. OK, fine. Let's hear your thoughts on India, Afghanistan, Africa. And what was that Mafia-type front that you called the British East India Tea Company? Give me a break, ol' chaps. We learned from the best.
  10. Perhaps you could enlighten us, as it doesn't appear in any British history books. We had an entity called the Honourable East India Company, if that's any help?

    You could learn something else from us: look at eodmatt's post and you'll realise that it's perfectly possible to put in a dig without departing from factual accuracy. So many people join this forum purporting to be Yanks and alluding to Ivy League educations that it really shakes your faith in US universities when they turn out to be thick as.
  11. Then why oh why didn't you learn from our mistakes.

    As for our Imperial past,all of the countries that were part of our former Empire,that are now independent countries,were left with Schools,Hospitals,good transport infastructure,and a good basic civil administration,what they did after we left was up to them.

    Flash forward a couple of decades,and the same countries that went to the UN,with the backing of "enlightened" counties like the US,to demand their independence,are now blaming all their ills on the good old UK,which gives pilchards like you the opportunity to come on here,and self-righteously beat us with a big stick,well if it makes you feel good,whatever floats your boat,Bubba!

    And,as an aside,it was one of our Commonwealth countries that turned you over 2-1 last night,so we must have taught them something.
  12. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Mostly African ones have reverted to the tribal shit-holes they were before we moved in, but now with automatic weapons instead of stone-tipped spears. Some however (noteably India) are going from strength to strength. They may not be up to much by western standards but they have drive, energy and a lack of existing baggage that hampers growth by drawing r4esources to maintain a standard of living. They also have cricket team that on balance is better than ours
  13. Had the repeated gambles BP took paid off, how many of the Politicians now pillorying BP would have been pointing to the new well as evidence that "the system works"?

    BTW Hypocrisy is the middle name of most Nation States, Corporations and Companies IMHO. No need to make your list so exclusive Mentalist.
  14. Not so sure with Obama. He has a History of Anti Oil/Coal comments and wasnt exactly thrilled during the campaign by Offshore drilling. In a way, I think he is happy about this in that: He gets to Pander to the Left while raising his standings with the Public(which was sinking fast). He gets to use this as an example against any further drilling with an "I told you so smirk"

    And will use this in campaign material against any Republican candidate who advocated for drilling previously.

    The Rest of the Jackals in Congress you're spot on about. they would be strutting around if BP had found massive resources.
  15. We also left them with a great railway system,which they have improved upon,and is now better than ours,not difficult to do mind you! :lol: