the Real Black Hawk down on channel 5

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vespa, Aug 13, 2003.

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  1. just watched last nite on C5 , very good reconstruction almost true to life, i must say the film of " black hawk down" wasn't to far off from reality , the courage of men under fire , if i was there i sure i may feel the same conflict of emotions too , i don't give a sh1t for the rights or wrongs of Somalia the country was already too far gone and they seem to be biting the hands that was feeding them, to see helicopter pilots flying around at nite to keep the somalis away is worthy of a VC ,and the last batch of ranger and delta forces running the "Mogadishu Mile" was desparate courage under fire.

    the mission to Somalia was crap from start to finish but i cannot fault the men put in an impossible situation
  2. Yeh, i watched this last night.

    Was surprised to see how closely the movie had stuck to the real thing!

    I have the utmost respect for all the guys involved.
  3. Two US Army Snipers volunteering three times, then insisting they go in to help the downed aircrew.

    Result; two Medals of Honor, post.

    Incredible bravery, whatever you may think of our US cousins.
  4. The pilot of the second Black hawk has just written a book, which should make interesting reading
  5. Used to have a mate who was a very long serving Hereford boy and knew the one of the Sniper guys (I think his name was Randy Shugart). Used to say it was doubly tragic as the guy had been in for a very long time 40 odd years I think and that he had bought a ranch in the US for retirement and only did the Somalia tour as a favour. Apparently a great guy and a 1st class soldier in any army.

    F*cking brave bloke too!
  6. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    If any one missed it I am pretty sure the documentary is added to the DVD box set??
  7. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    By coincidence, the classy 2 DVD box set of the movie I was watching the other day, in the extra's was about 3 hrs worth of 'making of' which included excellent interviews, excellent bits of the training (SEAL, Nightstalker and Ranger inductions) for the actors (lessons on FIBUA, C4, weps, vehicles etc), interesting stuff on what happened, interviews with some participants etc.

    No doubt about it.; Brcukheimer and I think it was Ridley Scott know their shit when it comes to making a movie.

    By the way, all actors are gay-fcking-civvy wastes of space except for the Aussie (Delta) guy and the Sgt from Platoon who was the CO (possibly the worst casting I've ever seen).

    One niggle, I notice the yanks are wearing chocolate chip helmets and modern US Desert cam for their BDU's, had they 'half' switched their desert cam over by October 1993?

    Mr H
  8. ran into someone who worked on the set missed the crew bus and was going to have to get a taxi back.
    One of the littlebird pilots offered him a lift.
    "he understandably was a bit worried about the idea" Flashys american cousin assured him:) that he'd fly straight and level and so as they were airborne flew it around like a mad thing :)
    The helicopters were mostly flown by the pilots who had been about in somalia
  9. The aviation regiment that did the flying in Somalia was the same group that did it in the film. IIRC the 2 disc DVD of the film contains an interview with the director, Ridley Scott, and he comments that the guys from the aviation regiment were very concerned that the proper respect was shown to their comrades. I believe it was. Some of the aviation scenes in the film are superb, especially the beginning of the mission showing the liftoff.

    My only criticism of the film is that it did not highlight enough the constraints that the US were operating under that had been dictated by Washington. I suspect that the film downplays it as it would probably have caused a lot of resources and help to be withdrawn.
  10. Was it not 160th SOAR (nightstalkers). Read a decent article about one of the D-boys who is repeatedly name checked in the book. He now runs weapons courses in the US and incorporates a lessons learnt session based on his Mog experience.
  11. Not just aviation.

  12. A couple of years ago I had the opportunity to listen to Matt Eversmann (played by Josh Hartnett in the movie) give a talk based on Selfless Service, Personal Courage and Duty, all using examples from Black Hawk Down and his experiences. He deservedly got a standing ovation at the end.

    He talked about how accurate both the book and the movie were, and credits the author for his research when writing the book. He mentioned in one section in the book where it was clear the author was interviewing somebody that was shooting at Matt, and Matt shot back at. Matt's comment was the Somali was only alive because Matt didn't fully apply the principles of marksmanship fully when he took that shot.

    If you ever get the chance to hear him speak, it is well worth it and very humbling.
  13. If memory serves, yes. I was issued choc chips in 91 but recall seeing "coffee stains" in 92-93?