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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by fatiguedsheep, Aug 13, 2007.

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  1. I'll get straight to the point, is it anything like the adverts, probably not i suppose as it makes trekking through a swamp look fun. But on the adventure & sport side of things, do you really get opportunity's to travel around the world,go ski'ing , parachuting & play lots of sport in general?
    Basicly I want a rough picture of what army life is really like?
    A friend of mine at school said he wanted to join up when he leaves and kinda got verbally abused that he'd never make it & it's only for hard' people & you'd get bullied there. Obviously there's probably some friendly banter there of just mucking around(i wouldnt really know).
    If any of you saw that show 'mark of cain' ages ago you'll see what i mean , are there young soldiers really undiciplined like that?
    Would you say 15£ a year is enough in your 20's?, it's not really clear to me but could someone tell me if you pretty much live in barracks apart from when on leave,ops, & ex?

    Sorry for loads of questions but I would really apprieciate some opinions.
  2. That programme had less fact in it than an episode of Doctor Who, and I'm still waiting to put the makers of it in a wheelchair.

    Disregard everything it had in it!

  3. Yes.
    Do it you won't regret it.
    Unless you are a Div. :)
  4. Eh? Trekking through swamps IS fun, I joined the Army purely for the chance to trek through swamps.

    Unfortunately though, swamp trekking is seldom done nowadays due to H&S issues, and the lack of qualified swamp trekking instructors.

  5. Well I was in your position 2 years ago. The sport side is called 'Adventure Training', you'll do that after training.

    Money, depends how you manage it, get into debt then your fooked. If you don't then you can survive a month easy. I don't think any programme has grasped what the army is like.
  6. There was a documentry going back a few years now, Soldiers to be.

    Anybody remember that? View's on weather that was true to life?
  7. Mate I'm a Recruitment Consultant and I know a good deal of people well into their 30's don't make 15k a year, plus they're civvies so nearly all of that is absorbed right into housekeeping and they have little/no disposable income. Living in barracks your expenses are very low, thus your disposable income is v. high. I think it roughly works out in terms in disposable income, to double and a half your forces salary when comparing to civillian city salary.


    You can live off-base, with a letter of permission from your CO which as I understand is just a formality anyway. But why would you want to?
  8. Brilliant life, get a great career with lots of sport, adventure training and travelling whilst getting paid for it. Also giving young lads and lasses a focus in life and in many cases away from troubled areas and into employment.
    Your questions are well constructed have you ever thought of a career in journalism :? if not nip down to your local careers office or go on the net at and find out more. :wink: :D
  9. Yeah what IRON said; careers office.

    Having a chat with the Sgt's doesn't commit you to an application, just go in and tell them you're just gathering info at this stage, and will decide after that if you're going to actualy apply.

    You hear some horror stories about recruiting sgt's, but the vast majority seem to be alright and won't pressure you into applying.
  10. Why is every new member whom asks a question about Army life immedately labeled as a journo? I mean, theres vigilant, and then there's excessively paranoid. Gve the lad a break. And only constructive comments can come out of this thread. Its not like he's asking about anything that may be detrimental to the Army's public image.
  11. Was that irony, Iron? :twisted:

  12. I do think this lad is genuine but do know of similar posts recently which are definately searching questions so have to keep on the ball. Like your little pun with IRONY/IRON have you ever thought about a career in comedy your great (either that or Im getting an old fart) :D
  13. I was hooded, forced into the stress position and subjected to mock executions until I signed the bloody paper when I went in tother day. And they stole my iPod.
  14. Worth doing, because no other emloyment will give you such a sense of camaraderie, teach you respect for yourself and others, or make you confident to deal with any situation you may encounter.
    Plus you get the chance to shoot scrotes.
  15. Why not go to your careers office and ask about a "look a life" course